Stomach Stretch Marks Removal: Dos and Don’ts

Stomach Stretch Marks

Most people will come across stomach stretch marks at some point in their life. Whether due to pregnancy, weight gain or loss, hormonal changes or the like, stretch marks are common because they are caused by tearing of the dermis, an inner layer of skin. Over time, the appearance of these zebra like stripes might fade, but removing them entirely is still quite the enigma.

Stomach stretch marks are mostly common in women due to the extreme stretching of the skin during pregnancy. Teenage pregnancies result in even more severe stretch marks due to the substantial increase in associated stretching and tearing, however male stretch marks in the abdomen also occur. Weightlifting, body building, weight gain and loss, especially when these changes occur quickly can cause the skin striations that many of us encounter at one time or another.

While there is no true cure for these skin scars besides laser stretch mark removal, there are things you can do, and not do for that matter, to improve your chances of reducing their appearance.

DON’T expect to treat 7 year old stripes, consider them your battle scars and move on. Without surgical methods, you are unlikely to see much of a reduction in their appearance. Treat them early, before they turn silvery.

DO talk to your doctor about dermabrasion or retinoids. Some of these treatments can prove successful if treating stomach stretch marks early.

DON’T try to tattoo your stretch marks, unless you are getting a tattoo of a relief map.

DO moisturize and care for your skin. Use aloe and cocoa butter. It’s not going to make them look any better, but it might keep them from looking worse. Moisturizing products will particularly soothe itchy stretch marks.

DON’T try home remedies for stretch marks and expensive creams, if they worked, nobody would have stomach stretch marks – ever.

Our scars show changes and growth in our lives, but manifest themselves as disfiguring blemishes on our skin. Without shelling out a college tuition to have some fun with lasers, the best way to treat your stretch marks is to treat them early, talk to a dermatologist, and have realistic expectations.