Stretch Mark Surgery – When To Consider It?

Stretch Mark Surgery

Stretch marks are caused by all sorts of things, but the underlying source is always skin stretching. You may be more predisposed to them if one of your parents had them as its thought that they are genetically passable, meaning that you are more likely to get them if you have a family history of them and your skin is undergoing big changes. There are some times where it’s common to experience these skin striations. Stretch marks after pregnancy, for instance, are incredibly common. The rapid expansion of skin large enough to accommodate a whole baby over such a short period of time can create red, purple and even itchy stretch marks. Dramatic changes in weight such as rapid weight loss or gain can also create both female and male stretch marks as well.

egardless of how you ended up with them, you are likely trying to get rid of them, and fast and you might be considering stretch mark surgery. There are many reasons why you might be opting to elect this more potent form of therapy. For instance, if the majority of your marks are older and are past the red and purple newbie stage, then stretch mark surgery might be for you. Because older marks are exponentially harder to treat, you may be left with little option for treating your skin blunders aside from stretch mark surgery. You may also have discomfort arising from your stretch marks. For instance, while uncommon, some people notice itching arising from their marks and when this discomfort is not remediable via home care or over the counter remedies, you might be considering a more permanent solution. Another time when stretch mark surgery is often considered is instances in which home care has failed. Most of the time, the appearance of these marks can be lessened visibly via moisturizers, massage and over the counter products. However, when these methods are unsuccessful, it’s not uncommon for people to have a consultation with a dermatologist for dermabrasion, laser treatment for stretch marks or chemical peels, all thought to help visibly reduce the appearance of these markings. Lastly, there are times when having a dermis dotted with stretch marks can cause emotional anguish. Consider the case of teenage stretch marks where, having markings normally attributed to adults, can prove socially hazardous in groups of hormonal and often unrelenting peers. This is another situation where stretch mark surgery might be considered.

Regardless of why you are considering surgical procedures for your skin blights, a proper consultation with your dermatologist is the first step. He or she will help determine if the procedures are right for you based on the severity of your stretch marks, your skin type, and the overall condition of your dermal layer. Your doctor will also discuss the costs and expected results of the therapies that will help you make the decision as to whether or not stretch mark surgery is right for you.