Stretch Marks on Breasts – How To Prevent and Shrink Them?

Stretch Marks on Breasts

All sorts of things can cause stretch marks on breasts. For instance, expecting mothers can find that one of the side effects of pregnancy is having skin littered with these unsightly nuisances. However, stretch marks after pregnancy are just one instance of where you might encounter a case of stretch marks on breasts and other areas. Dramatic changes in weight, whether you are gaining or losing is also a common cause of breast, leg and stomach stretch marks. And, while there are ways to prevent them, genetic factors are unfortunately another cause of stretch marks.

One of the most important things that you can do to prevent the red and purple stretch marks associated with dermal stretching is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Stretch marks on breasts and other areas are caused from expansion of the skin, and the more pliable you can make it by keeping it supple and hydrated, the better your chances of keeping them at bay. Cocoa and shea butter are both great options that you should look for in a moisturizer, and you should consider using products containing them between three and four times per day. But, don’t just slap it on and walk away. Massage your lotions in with circular patterns to make sure that your skin is absorbing all of that goodness. Massaging the skin in general is another simple way to help keep stretch marks on breasts away!

So what do you if you already have them? Well, one rule of thumb is to treat early! There are few over the counter remedies, procedures and home remedies for stretch marks as it is, but once they’ve reached the white and silvery stage common with older skin marring marks, they’re almost impossible to remedy fully. The earlier you start combating them, the more likely you will experience positive results. For existing stretch marks on breasts and other areas that haven’t reached their past their prime stage, you can consider many treatment options. Glycolic acid is one remedy and you can find it over the counter in many products, or can consider seeing a dermatologist for a more potent therapy. After a couple hundred bucks and three or four treatments, you may start to see results. Additionally, you can consider a vitamin c supplement. It’s thought that vitamin C can help stimulate collagen production which can be useful for reducing the appearance of stretch marks on breasts and other areas.

Unsightly and unappealing, stretch marks have plagued the delicate dermis of many, and often, there is little you can do to stop it. By taking preventative measures such as heavy moisturizing, particularly if you are dieting or pregnant or notice that you are gaining weight, and taking good overall care of your skin, you can reduce the chances that you will encounter stretch marks. If you do develop them, make sure to consider prompt and early treatment. It can make all the difference in the world because battling old and set in marks will likely prove to be substantially more challenging.