Sunburn Itch Treatment – What Not To Do?

Sunburn Itch

Sunburn rash, one of the symptoms of sunburn, can manifest itself as small red bumps or hives, when sunlight acts as a skin irritant. The rash often is painful, but can also be itchy. Other symptoms may include sunburn blisters, redness, large bumps, peeling skin and sunburn swelling.

Sunburn itch is usually the symptom of first degree sunburn and there are certain things you must avoid, to prevent aggravating the symptom.

1. Scratching. Most are temped to scratch their sunburn itch to find relief. But, scratching aggravates the itch and can even cause pain. Moreover, you can introduce bacteria into the sunburn area and initiate secondary skin infection.

2. Keeping the skin dry. Dry skin is very prone to irritation and itching. Do not keep your skin dry and flaky. Moisturize!

3. Using synthetic lotions. Chemicals in most lotions have ingredients that can irritate the skin. Applying a cream without proper knowledge of the ingredients can increase the severity of your sunburn itch. Mineral oil and other petroleum based products should be strictly avoided.

4. Rubbing. Like scratching, rubbing can increase the itching. Rubbing excessively with towels produces heat that can aggravate the irritation.

<5. Taking drastic actions. Some might find relief by taking extra hot or extra cold showers. But, drastic heat or cold can harm the skin and cause other complications.

6. Applying heavy oils. This should be avoided. Oils tend to lock the heat in the skin, aggravating the sunburn.

Sunburn itch that follows after a few days can sometimes signify that the burn is healing. Home remedies for sunburn are often very effective in dealing with the burn and itch. Vinegar is a great remedy for sunburn and itching. Consider applying it gently over the affected areas (do not rub it). Always keep your skin hydrated through the constant application of a water-based moisturizer. Aloe Vera gel is another superior skin soother that will take down the itching and reduce swelling in your sunburn areas.

There are also many sunburn itch relief products on the market. Choose a product that has natural ingredients, which have no harmful side effects and don’t act as irritants on the skin. Taking cold showers and using cold compresses on the affected area, can be very helpful in controlling the itch.