Sunburn Peeling Skin on Face – What Remedy To Use?

Sunburn Peeling

Sunburn is terribly unsightly. These patches of overcooked skin are tender, often itchy, flaky and none too appealing to look at either. Finding sunburn peeling remedies that are adequate for the face pose an additional challenge as using products that are harsh or irritating can add more fuel to the fire adding redness or inflammation to already existing sunburn peeling. If you are considering over the counter options, look for products containing Aloe vera. This multipurpose ingredient is the cornerstone in many sun damaged skin treatment products and for good reason. The cooling effects of Aloe vera can work wonders to calm and soothe the symptoms of sunburn peeling.

You may be looking for other remedies more suited to deal specifically with the sloughing skin that is marring your complexion. For that, you have many options, although few will quickly remedy your situation. Sunburn peeling simply takes time to heal and as such, you’ll find many products that can help alleviate symptoms, or, stimulate the regrowth of new skin which can lead to faster healing, however few will hasten the healing process much. Oddly enough, shaving cream has been touted as a remedy for both sunburn itch and other similar sun related symptoms, although there is little evidence that it’s truly effective. However, if you consider the purpose of shaving cream, which is to soothe the skin’s surface prior to scraping it away with a razor, it’s then more logical to see how it can be beneficial for sunburn peeling. Not only can it’s ingredients like menthol and moisturizers help calm aggravated skin, the light and luxurious consistency can feel like a cool cloud of relief as well. Bear in mind though that depending on the brand and your skin type, you may end up with irritation.

Honey has long been used on the skin for a variety of purposes. This is because it’s an effective stimulant of skin regrowth. Why is this helpful? Well because sunburn peeling essentially means that the top layer of your skin is getting out of dodge, and a stimulating natural product like honey might be an effective method of hastening the process. With its coating and soothing properties, it can also be useful for a sunburn rash, as well as general after sun relief.

The most important component of treatment for sunburn whether or not it involves peeling is limiting your exposure to the sun, particularly while your skin is healing. Further damage can result, and much quicker, especially on already compromised skin surfaces. Make sure that any time you spend outdoors is spent lathered in a quality sun block with a high enough SPF for you. You should also consider protective gear such as hats or visors and cover as much skin as possible, primarily those already affected by sunburn. The extent of the damage will determine how long sunburn peeling takes to heal but by keeping the area clean and dry, well moisturized and exfoliated, you can be quickly on the way to a new layer of skin, that hopefully you take a little bit better care of.