Sunburn Swelling – What Should I Use?

Sunburn Swelling

One of the less talked about symptoms of sunburn is swelling, although it’s not an uncommon accompaniment. Sunburn swelling is normally reserved for more severe cases, however can occur with any intensity of over exposure to the sun’s rays. Many people are looking for a sunburn remedy that will also help alleviate this condition, and you’ll be surprised to learn that there are things probably already in your house that you can use to help alleviate your symptoms.

One of the first options you should consider is an over the counter NSAID (non steroidal anti inflammatory) medication, such as Ibuprofen. It’s designed to reduce swelling and inflammation and can prove to not only be effective against sunburn swelling, but also may help with the pain and discomfort you might be experiencing. If over the counter medication is proving ineffective, or you are unable to use it or choose not to, you still have a variety of other options available to you, including home remedies for sunburn and swelling.

Consider cold compresses or tea bags. Applying these to the affected area of sunburn swelling may reduce inflammation and provide prompt relief. The cooling effect may be short lived, however applying them every half hour or hour may provide longer term relief from your sunburn swelling. Honey has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and can prove a useful agent in combating all sort of problems associated with over exposure. While possibly effective against swelling, it’s also purportedly useful for sunburn blisters and itch relief. Vinegar is also touted as a remedy for many of the physical symptoms associated with sunburn. Vinegar for sunburn reportedly is effective for relieving the pain and irritation that sufferers can experience and is easy to apply and inexpensive. In fact, you likely have a bottle left over from Easter egg dying in your cabinet right now.

There are all sorts of hokey home remedies you can try to relieve sunburn swelling, however you may not experience any relief from any of them. Yogurt and milk are popular choices, and they may prove slightly effective because of their cooling abilities and contained vitamins and minerals. Other interesting options amongst home remedies for sunburn swelling may include chocolate frosting, Pepto bismol and Preparation H. While there is little evidence to support that any of these are effective in the slightest, Preparation H is an interesting idea because its sole purpose is to reduce inflammation and swelling in sensitive areas, meaning that it just might be an effective solution. However, there is no evidence to support that any of these options are effective, and you may experience adverse effects from using these products in manners that they were not intended for use, so sample at your own risk, and try to think of a good explanation to give others if you are caught covering yourself in chocolate frosting!

The most important part of treating a severe burn caused from sun exposure is to keep your damaged skin out of the sun, keep it clean and dry and moisturized. You can choose from any variety of products and home remedies to deal with the symptoms, however prevention of further damage is of the utmost importance to preserve the integrity of your essential outer layer.