Sweating Too Much – When To Be Concerned?

Sweating Too Much

In the medical world sweating too much is called hyperhidrosis, and for many people this is nothing to become concerned over as WebMD explains in the link below. Some of the most common hyperhidrosis symptoms are usually wet hands, feet, scalp and underarms, this is because these areas have the highest concentration of sweat glands on the body.

If you have suffered from this problem since puberty then this should not be taken as a cause for alarm. Primary hyperhidrosis, which starts during or shortly before adolescence, is believed to have a genetic component. It has no definite cause that can be determined, and only affects the individual because of sweating too much over the localized areas of the body, like wet palms or underarms. Overactive nervous system can lead to sweating too much, especially in stressful situations. In addition, eating spicy foods, consuming alcohol or caffeinated beverages is also known to cause excessive sweat production.

In contrast, secondary hyperhidrosis can be acquired at any point in life. If you are a woman approaching menopause, sweating is a normal reaction to the hormone level change. Sweating a lot during exercise or hard manual labor is also normal. However, secondary hyperhidrosis may also have a cause for a doctor’s visit, because there are a number of serious diseases and medical conditions that can cause this symptom to appear all of a sudden, without any prior problems.

Sweating too much could also be caused by a systemic disease or condition. In this case, the wetness is not localized but rather generalized. Pregnancy, menopause, thyroid disorders, anxiety conditions, certain cancers, tuberculosis lung infection, medications side effects are just a short list of sweating too much causes that should not be taken lightly. Therefore, getting the right diagnosis is very important.

If you experience excessive sweating while sleeping, or in other situations where this is unusual, the first step should be a visit to your family doctor. If you are sweating too much, then a physical exam is needed to determine whether this is due to an underlying problem. A tumor or disease of the thyroid, adrenal, or pituitary gland can affect the amount of sweat your body produces. These conditions can cause excessive underarm sweating, as well as sweating excessively in other areas of your body as well. Low blood sugar can also cause hyperhidrosis, as well as reactions to certain drugs. Finally, you could be sweating excessively because of your body detoxifying. For example, mercury poisoning that causes excessive sweating is toxic to your body and hence is a serious cause for concern.

If you suddenly start sweating too much, or if you have this problem and no treatments seem to work, then you should set up a visit with your doctor. While hyperhidrosis by itself is not a cause for concern in most cases, the fact that this can be caused by serious medical diseases and problems should be checked out when you first start to notice the problem. If you have severe facial sweating or sweat more than what is considered normal then some tests can be done, to ensure that you do not have any more serious medical problems as well.