Symptoms of Rosacea on The Face

Symptoms of Rosacea

As a sufferer of rosacea, or as I like to affectionately refer to it, “horrible itchy water pimples on my face,” I had no idea what I had until I scheduled a dermatology appointment to once and for all figure out what was going on with my first impression maker. I had become so frustrated with the way my skin felt that I was eager to find a solution.

Little did I know that I had all of the telltale symptoms of rosacea? Really, I had experienced the early signs and shrugged them off as signs of aging. My face had become much more sensitive and I would frequently appear blushed when I had no reason to be. None of these sent me headed for the doctors however. It was not until I started getting small, abnormal pimples and an itchy sensation that I started to become concerned. The pimples were not your everyday blackheads or typical whiteheads that most people encounter. These were different, and when I messed with them I noticed they seemed to be filled with a watery substance. I had some eye irritation which I later found out is one of the symptoms of rosacea in almost half of patients. At my appointment my doctor would emphasize the importance of being aware of changes in eye irritation and explained the potential complications of ocular rosacea.

I asked her what most people would, what caused this? She explained that the symptoms of rosacea are caused by many things but most notably sun and heat exposure, diet and stress. She also explained that reducing exposure to the very things that likely caused my condition would be instrumental in preventing frequent recurrences. She talked to me about a healthful rosacea diet, limiting hot and spicy foods, which I love, and limiting alcohol consumption. I neglected to mention that while I don’t drink alcohol, I love chicken wings and that I could do without a glass of wine but giving up hot sauce coated wings would be a substantially greater challenge. As I angrily scratched my face however, I began to strongly dislike those deep fried spicy morsels.

I asked about rosacea remedies and was happy to find that a prescription lotion was all I needed. I was ready to be cured when I was sadly told that my condition would likely haunt me for all of my days. She kindly recommended trigger avoidance, and the best make up for rosacea, those with a green tint. What am I, an alien? She further explained that foundations with a greenish hue offset the reddish color of the skin, the most common of the symptoms of rosacea. I took this wealth of new information directly to the drug store to get my new lotion. I am happy to report that I am not as itchy, my face looks better and besides my withdrawal issues from 5 cent wings, and I haven’t had any worsening of the condition or further complications.