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Bee Sting Therapy For Pain May Cause Adverse Allegic Reaction

Bee Sting Therapy

We’ve been using the beneficial physical features and venom cocktails of animals for thousands of years. Leaches, for instance, are still used today in medicine for their blood sucking abilities. Another equally detested but potential miniature medical marvel is the bee. Or rather its sting, and the magical mixture of potent ingredients contained within.

Bee Sting Allergic Reaction – How To Avoid Anaphylactic Shock?

Bee Sting Allergic Reaction

Ask anyone who has been stung and they’ll tell you that bee stings are no laughing matter. Even normal and localized reactions can be painful, itchy, and downright uncomfortable. For people suffering from a bee sting allergic reaction however, their discomfort is enormously magnified, and without fast intervention and treatment