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Protopic Ointment Side Effects

Protopic Ointment

Eczema is treated with everything from steroid creams and witch hazel to PUVA therapy and protopic ointment. Because the causes and triggers of this condition are not completely understood

Eyelid Eczema Causes – Poor Diet or Something Else?

Eyelid Eczema

Doctors aren’t necessarily sure what causes eczema, but they have a few good ideas about what triggers the onset of inflammation and irritation associated with this often horribly itchy ailment.

Over The Counter Steroid Cream – Is It Effective?

Over The Counter Steroid Cream

Over the counter steroid cream is a quick fix to many forms of dermatitis. Instant relief from raw, red and itchy skin is a great selling point for over the counter steroid cream.

Hand Eczema – Causes And Prevention Methods

Hand Eczema

Hand eczema, which is also called hand dermatitis, can be caused by several different factors. It is known that this condition does have a genetic component, and that it runs in families