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Boils on Skin Causes and Treatment Options

Boils on Skin

Boils are an infection on the surface of the skin and are most commonly caused by bacteria entering through cracks or openings in the skin’s surface.

Home Remedies For Boils on Back and Neck – What To Use?

Home Remedies For Boils

There is absolutely nothing attractive or appealing about a boil. These bumps which are actually the result of an infection in the hair follicle or skin oil gland usually start off small

Nasal Impetigo Treatment Options

Nasal Impetigo

When people get sick, one of the most common symptoms is a runny nose. When your nasal drippings proceed southward, they can irritate the sensitive skin below. This can be a perfect recipe for concocting nasal impetigo, a very contagious bacterial infection. Skin infections are not uncommon and neither is impetigo.

Types of Fungal Infections of The Skin

Fungal Infections of The Skin

Fungal infections of the skin are a common problem, especially in warm weather or climates. In order for fungal infections of the skin to flourish, they need a warm, moist environment.

Impetigo In Adults Vs In Children Differences

Impetigo In Adults

Impetigo in adults is far less common than impetigo in children. Impetigo in adults and children alike is caused by either staph or strep bacteria. If the skin is irritated or injured

Furuncle Treatment – Antibiotics Alternatives!

Furuncle Treatment

A furuncle is also known as a boil. In case several furuncles join together and spread deeper in the tissues, a carbuncle forms. Although furuncle treatment< sometimes calls for antibiotics