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Ringworm in Children Symptoms and Treatment

Ringworm in Children

Nobody wants to come across an odd mark, rash or red spot on their child, however fungal infections of the skin do occur in children, and ringworm is not uncommon. This skin temporary skin condition, caused by a couple of different types of fungus, is transmittable via high fives or even your family pet. It’s particularly spreadable

Ringworm Treatment For Humans – Prescription vs Over The Counter?

Ringworm Treatment For Humans

Of all the conditions that have been given unpleasant and unfortunate names, the fungal skin rash known as ringworm is likely a top winner. Perhaps named because of the shape that the offending fungi create, a clearly defined circle with well noticeable edges, this ring o’ rash can cause itching, which only makes it that much easier to spread.