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Chemically Damaged Hair – What Products Are Safe To Use?

Chemically Damaged Hair

So, you thought dying your hair red after bleaching it while getting a perm was a brilliant idea and now your hair feels like a Brillo pad. And, now you are concerned about which products you can use that will not add further damage to an already difficult situation. Well, you have good reason to be concerned;

Wella Hair Products Review

Wella Hair Products

Hair care is big business. Results matter, and people are willing to pay a pretty penny for salon hair products that work. Given the nature of today’s damaging popular hairstyles, (most of which include lots of heat to achieve that perfect look), shampoo for damaged hair, along with conditioners and treatments, are more popular than ever.

Hair Breakage Treatment At Home – What To Use?

Hair Breakage Treatment

Hair breakage is typically caused by damage or nutritional deficits. Since many popular hair styles rely on the use of heat tools, it is common for these practices to result in dry, brittle hair, and like many other things that are dry and brittle, it breaks. Additionally, the lack of necessary nutrients in the diet can change the consistency of hair