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Squamous Cell Skin Cancer Staging Process

Squamous Cell Skin Cancer

There are three types of skin cancer. Most people have heard of the irregular moles associated with the most deadly form, melanoma. But this is actually the rarest form.

All You Need To Know About Types of Skin Cancer

Types of Skin Cancer

The most important thing to know about skin cancer is that it’s preventable. That’s right, no hokey medical claims about antioxidants and pomegranates here. All three types of skin cancer

Skin Cancer on Nose Symptoms vs Nose Cancer

Skin Cancer on Nose

Cancer can affect every inch of our bodies, and some of these have symptoms that can mimic each other. Take for instance skin cancer on nose areas and its counterpart, nose or nasal cancer.

Signs and Symptoms of Skin Cancer on The Face

Signs and Symptoms of Skin Cancer

The signs and symptoms of skin cancer can appear on the face, or anywhere else on the body. The specific symptoms will depend on which type of skin cancer is present.