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Urticaria Hives – Most Common Types In Adults

Urticaria Hives

Urticaria is a skin condition brought on by the chemical substance called histamine released from mast cells. Urticara hives are mainly divided into acute and chronic depending on the amount of time the condition lasts.

Hives In Toddlers Causes And Treatment

Hives In Toddlers

Urticaria hives affect people of all ages, races and sexes. They can appear anywhere in the body as slightly raised patched wheals of red bumpy swellings, spots or big blotches.

Itchy Hives At Night Causes

Itchy Hives

The medical term for Hives is Urticaria, which is an allergic skin condition, characterized by the formation of wheals as itchy red bumps, swellings or welts on the skin.