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Wound Gel Dressing – Top 5 Picks of Professionals!

Wound Gel Dressing

Proper treatment of wounds is critical to ensure prompt and healthy healing. While we all have something in our medicine cabinet that we slather on everyday boo boos

5 Wound Infection Symptoms

Wound Infection Symptoms

Our bodies are trained assassins when it comes to fighting off infection. We have an amazingly complex array of sophisticated weaponry at hand, aimed at keeping us healthy.

Puncture Wounds Treatment

Puncture Wounds

I remember when I was young doing homework with a classmate in her living room. The phone rang, and in a mad rush to answer it, she ran in a flash to get to that ringing telephone.

KCI Wound VAC Treatment: Pros and Cons


Some wounds heal with wound cleanser and a band aid, and others need a little bit more help. For chronic wounds, a relatively new technological advancement found in KCI wound VAC products is bridging this gap.

Wound Dehiscence Treatment, Risks and Complications

Wound Dehiscence

Wound dehiscence is typically a complication resulting from surgery, where the wound breaks back open where stitches or sutures have been used. There are many things that can cause this

Non Healing Wound – When To Be Concerned?

Non Healing Wound

Wound healing, which is body’s natural response, takes place in several phases in an orderly fashion. The three major stages in wound healing are inflammation, proliferation and maturation.