Tanning Accelerator Lotion – Which One To Choose?

Tanning Accelerator Lotion

When it comes to tanning oil, lotion, creams, gels, goos, accelerators and salves it may seem like a daunting task to pick the one that’s right for you. What’s worse is that a bottle of some designer skin tanning lotion can cost $50-$60! That’s a lot of money to shell out without knowing if you like something or not. You have a lot of considerations to make. First of all, do you want a tingle factor in your tanning accelerator? Don’t know what a tingle factor is? Then you don’t want it! A tingle factor means that your skin will feel tingly all throughout your tanning session. Some people enjoy this sensation, others say it feels like the fires of Hell wrapping around every inch of their body. Either way, it’s not a feature worth including for our best pick. Do you have sensitive skin? You may want to go with a tanning accelerator for beginners. What kind of bed are you using? A standard bed where you lie in it for 10-20 minutes or one of those instant bronze 2-5 minute beds? This is important because some tanning accelerator products can make your skin feel very hot, and in a bed that gets really, really toasty really, really fast, this might not be ideal for you.

The best tanning accelerator to choose based on performance, price and lack of kooky marketing is California Tan Whipped Butter Accelerator. It’s a moisturizing product, which helps reverse the drying effects of indoor tanning. It doesn’t tingle, tickle or set you on fire. It’s reasonably priced (about $15.00 or less) and has a great scent. It provides even, steady browning that isn’t too intense or powerful.

Of course, staying out of the sun entirely, and certainly out of tanning beds, is your only genuine protection from sun damage and skin cancer. To avoid these potentially harmful side effects, you can skip the beds entirely and opt instead for a self tanning spray, or consider having a spray tan done at your local salon utilizing sunless tanning products. They usually last quite a few days and provide even coverage. You can also go with sunless tanning products like tinting lotions. These add a touch of color without adding a touch of melanoma. Finding the best self tanner to use at home will help salon tan stay on for longer.