Tanning Bed Dangers – Is It A Culprit Behind Skin Cancer?

Tanning Bed Dangers

Skin cancer is caused by sun exposure. Tanning beds emit UV rays. Case closed. Alright, alright. All topics warrant a proper discussion; but make no mistake, tanning bed dangers are real, and their use could dramatically increase your chances of developing one of the three types of skin cancer.

People enjoy tanning because it makes the skin look sun kissed and glowing in much less time than one would spend outdoors soaking up rays. The cosmetic benefits of using artificial sun are undeniable, at least in the early stages and for the young. The truth is that cancer concerns aside, tanning prematurely ages the skin, and let’s face it, tanned wrinkles are still wrinkles.

So what if you don’t care about a few extra lines here and there so long as they’re golden brown? Well, are you prepared to risk your health to tanning bed dangers? Skin cancer is one of the few types that we can identify the root cause of. Given this information, and the links made between tanning beds and skin cancer, it seems unlikely that anyone would risk their health for the sake of looking luscious, but it happens all the time.

Tanning bed dangers go even beyond skin cancer concerns. Too much UVs and you can end up with a heck of a sunburn. Hygienic concerns? Talk about a few. Nothing like hoping for the best when it comes to someone cleaning someone else’s sweat and body fluids properly before you place your bronzed cheeks in a tanning bed.

Skin cancer is a serious condition. Thankfully it is usually treatable. However, the easily treatable nature of skin cancer should not undermine its seriousness as a potentially life threatening condition. If you have spent a little too much sign in the red hot chili pepper bed at your local salon, and are experiencing any of the early signs of skin cancer such as unusual lesions, slow healing wounds, or abnormal moles, it is critical to seek prompt medical attention in order to ensure timely diagnosis and rapid treatment. Staying out of a tanning bed and being aware of tanning bed dangers in the meantime won’t hurt either.