Tanning Over Stretch Marks – Will It Cover Them?

Tanning Over Stretch Marks

Pregnancy, weight loss or gain, and other body shape changes can leave you with stretch marks. These zebra like striations can vary in severity, size and color, but are almost always something you want to get rid of. Mistakenly, instead of accepting reality and grabbing a tube of useless shea butter stretch marks lotion, some people think that tanning stretch marks will solve their problems.

Using artificial sun beds is never good for your skin. Additionally, the light emitted from these beds when used frequently can dramatically increase your chances of developing skin cancer. Given these facts, it seems absurd that people would further damage their skin in an attempt to correct a skin condition. Nonetheless, the fad continues for everyone from the recently pregnant new mom, to the self conscious football player concerned about his male stretch marks.

The truth is that not only will an attempt at tanning stretch marks further damage your skin; it is likely to make these cosmetic nightmares look worse. Your zebra stripes, regardless of their location, won’t respond to the sun’s natural rays, or those in the turbo tanning bed at your local salon. These marks will remain lighter, and as your skin around them darkens, they go from an eyesore to a neon sign on a moonless night in the desert.

If you want that sun kissed look, there is one method of tanning stretch marks that actually works and it is safe and won’t age your flesh by 20 unnecessary years. Pass up the unproven Mederma stretch mark therapy cream at your drugstore and opt instead for a good old 8 to 10 dollar of self tanning spray or lotion. These are much more effective at hiding your striated scars and are by far the cheapest, safest and most effective way to hide them.

Treatment for these eyesores is rarely effective, and most will effectively leave your wallet lighter and those marks intact. Tanning stretch marks can cause excessive damage and premature aging. Keep some Shea butter stretch marks lotion handy to keep your skin moisturized; and, if you’re really self conscious, talk to your doctor about possible laser therapy or alternative surgeries, as they are the only proven methods of treating them.