Tattoo Removal at Home Review – Is It a Safe Procedure?

Tattoo Removal at Home

Considering the exorbitant cost of tattoo removal by professionals, many people are left exploring alternative options for getting rid of ink that they have since application begun to regret. Whether it be a memento from a relationship gone bad, a bad piece of artwork applied by a novice or overconfident artist, or ink that was applied incorrectly that has warped or damaged the skin, you might be considering your options for tattoo removal at home. Starting at around five thousand dollars, permanently ridding yourself of that tattoo under a doctor’s tattoo removal machine equipped with fancy laser, is typically far too big a price tag for the average Joe, however there are some options for tattoo removal at home that you might not have considered that can be both potentially safe and inexpensive.

One option that you can consider is tattoo removal cream. While it will never fully remove the imagery that has been permanently implanted into your skin, it can certainly dramatically reduce your ability to see it. Sure, it’s not the tattoo removal results that you can expect from a laser removal session or two, but, it’s also about half of a percent the cost and is typically safe to the skin. You may experience some irritation, however, and, should you choose to immediately have new ink applied in that area, you may find that you’re out of luck as this method of tattoo removal can leave the skin very rejectful of new artwork, meaning that a cover up of the now faded graphics will be all but impossible, at least in the short term.

Another option for tattoo removal at home is the salt method. Literally using nothing more than salt and water, this method of tattoo removal at home is likely the most inexpensive method that you can try. By dissolving your salt of choice in water and then rubbing it on to the tattoo for about half an hour, leaving it to sit for about 2 hours and then washing off, supposedly, ink that has been deeply imbedded into the inner dermal layers can be removed. This can be repeated until the picture is faded satisfactorily. While this method of tattoo removal at home may seem very appealing given its cheap cost, it’s not only ineffective, it also can be unsafe. You will likely never reach the layer of skin where the ink has been implanted, and your attempts to do so will irritate and inflame the outer layers of your skin and increase your chances for developing an infection.

Tattoo removal at home may seem like a really good idea; however it’s rarely successful and can lead to skin damage that is far less treatable than figuring out a way to cover up an old or ugly tattoo. You may want to consider a really awesome cover up, and many talented tattoo artists can cover just about anything so that your existing and unwanted art is nothing more than a memory. You can also consider expensive laser treatment instead of tattoo removal at home, but the cost will be exorbitant. Often your best course of action is to just simply deal with your loathed lithograph and make better decisions in the future about what you are choosing to get permanently stamped on your body.