Tattoo Removal Cream – Does It Really Work?

Tattoo Removal Cream

Tattoo removal cream is nothing more than wishful thinking and hope in a nicely labeled and neatly packaged, overpriced jar. For people facing extreme regret following the application of a questionable tattoo, or one applied by a less than skilled artist, tattoo removal is almost always something that is explored. Unfortunately for most people, the tattoo removal results, in order to be successful, is going to require a fat wallet and a hefty laser, both of which are seldom considered at the time of tattoo application.

So, why is tattoo removal cream so popular if it is largely ineffective? Well, it’s likely that the same psychology that convinces people that diet fads and skin miracles work too – hope without reason. For starters, tattoo removal cream is inexpensive and many people are willing to shell out a few bucks or even $30 or more for something that they think has a shot at working that is less costly than tca tattoo removal or laser removal. The other reason might surprise you, especially for people who have ‘gone under the needle,’ and that is pain. A laser tattoo removal machine can inflict some discomfort for the recipient and depending on how big that piece of regrettable art is – you could be there for awhile.

There can be some benefit to be gained from using a jar or tub of tattoo removal cream. For instance, you may notice that the pigmented area might become lighter and that the image might start fading a bit. While it will never permanently disappear, it may be less of an eyesore or less noticeable, particularly over time. There are some downsides however. If you ever decide to have a cover up tattoo done as part of your long term tattoo removal process, you will find that using creams purportedly designed to erase your existing ink may make future work in that spot nearly impossible.

There are also the side effects to worry about. Some people experience skin side effects from using tattoo removal cream. Rashes, itching, irritation and tingling and even numbness have all been reported. Of course, the type and extent of these does and will vary by manufacturer. This onslaught of skin snafus can make your now partially discolored and rash covered unwanted tattoo look like much more of an eyesore than whatever it was you were trying to get rid of in the first place.

It’s critically important to remember that tattoos are made to last forever. They are created to be a permanent symbol or a person, memory or event, or, a way to pay homage to a loved activity, occupation or hobby. Spur of the moment bad decisions about design placement, image selection or content decisions can lead to a lifetime of regret and annoyance. Tattoo removal cream might sound like a great way to undo a bad decision, but it’s really just stacking another regrettable choice on top of an existing one.