Toenail Fungus From Pedicure – What To Do?

Toenail Fungus

As if the atrocious amount of money spent on salon nail care isn’t enough to deter you from that mani/pedi, maybe this will: Fungus. Not the fun, breaded and deep fried kind you picked up at the sports bar last night, the kind that lives on your body in the form of toenail fungus. Have you recently received a gift from your salon that you didn’t ask for? Did that pedicure leave you with toenail fungus?

While our familiar snow cap mushrooms, the only kind of fungus most of know (and what to know) about live deep in caves, the fungus that invades our bodies lives everywhere, most notably in public places. Fungus can be picked up anywhere from a public restroom, to sadly, your salon, if they aren’t properly cleaning their tools and equipment used on your precious feetsies. This can leave you with fungus under toenails that makes your feet look worse than they ever did before you got that primp job done.

If you have developed toenail fungus from your salon, there are several things you should do. First, call your doctor. Start treatment immediately, it takes awhile. Secondly, notify the salon. They need to know they have had a breach in cleanliness, and will appreciate you notifying them. Lastly, call your state’s board of health or board of cosmetology and notify them.

Treating your toenail fungus will involve medications, topical products, and in severe cases, toenail removal, all to be determined by your health care provider. Most likely, your ailment will be readily noticeable manifesting itself as white toenail fungus, but your health care provider should be seen if you have any of the other lesser symptoms such as thickening of nails, brittleness or unevenness, or the classic white or yellow spot under the nail. Black toenail fungus can often be mistaken for blood under the nail, or an injury, and should be assessed also.

Prevention is worth an ounce of cure big time in this case. Call your salon to ask specifically what their practices for sterility between clients are. Some salons are now mandating that clients purchase their own tools for use, which is commendable. Notice the cleanliness of the facility, and remember, if you feel uneasy about the place you are getting your pedicure from, leave. They are everywhere, go somewhere that you are comfortable. By being prepared, you can ensure proper foot treatments without risk of fungal infections.