Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment Pros And Cons

Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

In a Jedi Society where it seems everything is treatable with a laser, it is no surprise that this new treatment option is trying to make itself relevant. But what are the pros and cons associated with toenail fungus laser treatment?

Still wholly experimental and yet to gain approval in all 50 states for usage, laser toenail fungus removal is still in its infancy. It is thought to work by inhibiting the growth of new fungus, and thereby allowing the body to do its job of eradicating the existing beasties that are preventing you from wearing open toed shoes. In practice in some doctor’s offices, the treatment takes between half an hour and 45 minutes and involves placement of the toes into a device that looks as though it will eat your feet if you do not do what it says.

Pros: Toenail fungus laser treatment has proven to be effective in treatment of nail fungus. For people who are afraid of side effects of oral medications or liver damage, and who scoff at the idea of anti-fungal nail polish, it may be a valid form of treatment. It’s not painful, and doesn’t produce scars.

Cons: However, there are many negatives associated with toenail fungus laser treatment. For one thing, you may have to sell a kidney to afford it. It can cost as much as $1500.00 for one treatment (read above, you may need four, what do kidneys go for these days?) And, don’t look to your insurance to cover laser treatment for toenail fungus either, because it probably won’t. Aside from the cost, it’s important to remember that toenail fungus laser treatment is not a “quick fix”. Like all other toenail fungus remedies, it can take up to a year for you to have clear nails again.

Laser toenail fungus remedies may be better in the future, when cost can be reduced and it’s more widely tested as a treatment. Until then, unless you have an abundance of extra money that you cannot find a purpose for, or a legitimate reason to not work with your physician to combine oral therapy and topicals such as a health condition or liver disorder, this may not be the route for you.

As with all health conditions, your physician is the best resource for care for you, along with being an invaluable resource for advice on new products and techniques. Speaking with him or her will ensure you the best toenail fungus treatment, even if the process takes longer than you thought and you miss a spring shoe season.