Toenail Fungus Symptoms – Discoloration, Change In Texture And Smell!

Toenail Fungus Symptoms

Throughout our lives, the consistency and color of our nails may change from time to time. You may notice better nail condition while pregnant, or after starting a new supplement. These changes are normal. Occasionally, you will notice changes that are not normal, and they could be toenail fungus symptoms.

One of the first symptoms, besides the telltale little yellow or white spot under your nail, is thick nails or thick toenails. This thickening can be a direct result of a ravaging nail fungus invasion. Change in color can also be another warning sign and is a common denominator for toenail fungus symptoms. Nails can change color slightly, but a noticeable change from your translucent norm to yellow toenails can be a sign that you have a fungus party in your nail bed. You may not have a change in color at all. Your nails simply may look substantially duller or be slightly misshaped. These are all toenail fungus symptoms that should prompt a trip to your doctor’s office.

In more extreme cases where black toenail fungus is evident, you may be suffering from Onychomycosis, which may manifest itself in your nail separation from its nail bed. Not only can this be painful, you may even experience a distinct smell as a direct result. White toenail fungus can also cause Onychomycosis, and you should immediately see a physician if you have any signs or symptoms of this nasty condition.

Treatment options will include anti fungal oral medications, topical anti fungal treatments, and even nail polish designed to wipe out fungal beasties. Your health care provider can work with you to determine which treatment, or combination of treatments will work best for you. Home remedies are widespread and unproven, and should be discussed with your doctor before attempting.

Toenail fungus symptoms are rarely painful and are at best, unsightly. However, medical treatment is necessary to combat the fungal infection. Speaking with your health care provider at the first of any of the signs or symptoms will enable you to quickly begin treatment for what can potentially be a long road to fungus annihilation.