Top 10 Aging Skin Problems in Women

Aging Skin Problems in Women

Many of us think that a battle with lines and wrinkles is the worst our skin is going to throw at us as we age. Think again because crow’s feet aren’t the half of it. Below you will find the top 10 aging skin problems in women.

1. Wrinkles: May as well get them out of the way, from frown lines to spider lines, these elder endowed crevices are sometimes a challenge for even the best anti wrinkle eye cream. Wrinkles will show up everywhere, not just the face, so as women age so do the number of lines.

2. Easy Bruising: Think skin that bypasses any anti aging skin treatment is what causes us to look like we have been beaten with an eggplant as we age.

3. Itching: Sweet because there is nothing better than itchy wrinkles. Thankfully, there are a few anti aging moisturizers on the market designed to combat age induced itchies.

4. Liver spots: Super, why not add some color to the fine lines and wrinkles. One of the most common aging skin problems, liver spots are harmless, but can be an eyesore.

5. Shingles: A painful but short lived grown up version of the chicken pox, this condition typically afflicts the skin of older adults.

6. Bags under the eyes: Keeping your wrinkles sagging is never a good thing, but sagging under eyes is very common with aging.

7. Dry Skin: Less oil equals less moisture equals dry wrinkles.

8. Risk of hypothermia: Is it a skin condition? Yes and no; thinning of the fat layer under the skin can increase your chances of this terrible affliction.

9. Overheating: An interesting side effect of aging, overheating is a less commonly heard of condition. This occurs because of decreased sweat production.

10. Leather: That’s right, one of the more common aging skin problems is leatheritis. Not a technical term of course. This happens when the skin’s elasticity is reduced, common with aging.

Anti aging products are a billion dollar market, so no matter if you are trying to combat wrinkles or liver spots, there is likely more than one product or method to correct, treat and improve your condition.