Top 10 Anti Aging Vitamins and Minerals

Anti Aging Vitamins

When you think of anti aging, you immediately think of wrinkles and a cane, but aging encompasses so much more. Think of your body as a whole and providing it with healthy nutrients to keep not just your skin but also your joints, your heart, your brain and the rest of your body fit like that of a person twenty years younger. We’re all quick to run out to grab the latest anti aging skin treatment to fend off crow’s feet and fine lines or the purported new best anti wrinkle cream that just came out in hopes that it will restore our baby face and it’s true that making our skin look better makes us look younger. But there is more to fighting aging naturally than goes just skin deep. Below are the top 10 anti aging vitamins and minerals for body and mind.

1. Vitamin C: It keeps you healthy, it promotes good immune processes and healthy cell growth, just because you aren’t feeling under the weather doesn’t mean your skin, mind and body won’t benefit from this vitamin powerhouse.

2. CQ-10: The same powerful ingredient found in anti wrinkle cream for men is also a heart healthy nutrient.

3. Magnesium: Maintains the functioning of muscles and nerves. You may have no wrinkles but that’s pretty useless if your nerves and muscles aren’t at the top of their game.

4. Flax Seed: Good source of fiber, and staying regular becomes more difficult as you age.

5. B Vitamins: B vitamins help everything from detoxifying the liver to metabolism, oh yeah, they’re also great anti aging vitamins for your skin. You can’t afford to not be getting enough of this vitamin!

6. Selenium: Antioxidant for healthy skin, want to prevent wrinkles? Then take your selenium supplement.

7. Reservatrol: This vital grape ingredient increases longevity. If you’re worried about aging then longevity is something you might be interested in.

8. Vitamin D: Such a powerful vitamin that does many amazing things, but its promotion of cell growth is what makes it one of the best anti aging vitamins.

9. Fish oil: Keeps your brain from shrinking. Do you want your brain to shrink as you age? No. Word to the wise though, use fish oil pills, little fishes aren’t too keen on you trying to extract this manually.

10. Probiotics: They aid in digestion. See Number 4. It’s not a secret that digestion becomes more of a struggle as we age.

You might have noticed that we did not talk about Vitamin A or E that are also a part of many anti aging products and creams. The truth is that you can almost consider any vitamins to be anti aging vitamins. Any supplement of minerals, vitamins or herbs that increase longevity and overall health are going to be very beneficial to us as we age. Providing healthy nutrients to our body is easier than trying to find pill form of all the anti aging vitamins listed here. A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables along with proteins will help you achieve maximum overall health and ensure that you age gracefully on the inside and out.