Top 10 Causes of Excessive Sweating In Women

Excessive Sweating In Women

Sweating in general is terrible, excessive sweating can limit your ability to socialize and cause anxiety and nervousness. Identifying the source of your excessive sweating is the first step to reclaiming your social life, and the right to wear tight fitting t-shirts.

1. Thyroid problems – Excessive sweating can actually help you when it comes to thyroid problems, being a possible warning sign to tell you to get yourself to a doctor for a checkup.

2. Infection – Let’s face it, we don’t always know when we have picked up a contagious infection, but our bodies do, and sweating is a side effect. If you notice that you are sweating too much, and are feeling a little under the weather, you may need to pop into the general doc’s for a check up.

3. Overweight / out of shape – If you find yourself experiencing excessive sweating during exercise, you might be a tad out of shape, or possibly overweight. Being overweight or not getting enough exercise can cause excessive sweating even if you aren’t working out.

4. Primary focal hyperhidrosis – 1% – 3% of the population sweat for NO reason. For that group, there is Primary focal hyperhidrosis. An actual condition that causes individuals with no other signs or symptoms simply to sweat more than the average person. This is normally easily treatable with special prescription deodorants and solutions.

5. Diabetes – Sweating is both a warning sign for and a side effect of diabetes. Diabetics tend to sweat more than non diabetics.

6. Alcoholism – Alcohol wreaks havoc on the body if consumed in excess, and amongst looking questionable in public or not remembering events of the previous eve, you may have sweat stains embedded in your new sparkly purple sequined shirt. While not as common with occasional drinkers, defined alcoholics frequently experience more sweat production.

7. Diseases: Cancers, Parkinson’s, arthritis – Wondering “Why do I sweat so much?” and can’t think of any other reason? Most people don’t know that some chronic illnesses actually cause excessive sweating regardless of whether or not they have anything to do with your sweat glands.

8. Meds (psychiatric, antibiotics, bloods pressure) – If you are on long term medication, or have recently been given a new one, ask your doctor if that might be the source of your armpit soda fountain. A variety of drugs from numerous drug families can trigger sweating in even the driest of individuals.

9. General anxiety – Is all of your excessive sweating making you nervous? Well, stop. General anxiety can increase sweat production dramatically. Try to relax in tense situations, to prevent a sticky situation from turning into a wet and smelly situation.

10. Menopause / pregnancy – As if an upset baby doing cartwheels in your abdomen as payback for a chalupa or the womanly change of life complete with hot flashes and mood swings isn’t enough, pregnancy and menopause can also cause you to sweat like a wrestler in a sauna. Wear loose fitting clothes and practice relaxation techniques to conquer this. Excessive sweating while sleeping is common in both cases and can be reduced by using lighter bed linens and applying deodorant before bed.

Women want to be dry all the time. For some women, it’s more of a challenge than for others. By identifying the cause of your sweat gland drama, you will be well on your way to coming up with logical solutions to meet your specific needs.