Top 10 Emollients For Eczema

Emollients For Eczema

People who suffer from Eczema must keep their skin moist on a daily basis. However, many moisturizing products contain ingredients that can irritate eczema and cause it to flare up. There are many home remedies for Eczema that have proven effective in clearing up harsh rashes, but if you are on the go, apple cider vinegar or honey might not be handy! Luckily there are emollients for Eczema that you can keep with you for use at work or while you are running errands, or wherever you are when the rash flares. Here is a list of the top 10 emollients for Eczema:

1. Many dermatologists believe that Eucerin is the best lotion for eczema. While there are many emollients for eczema, Eucerin has a thinner consistency than most, which allows it to absorb into the skin at a faster rate.

2. Cetaphil has long been a favorite among creams for Eczema as it is irritant-free.

3. If you are looking for an over the counter steroid cream, Elidel is a great choice. Make sure you do not use Elidel on children under two years old.

4. Emollients for eczema all work to remoisturize the essential oils in the skin. Avene emollient crème restores the oils and soothes the irritation.

5. Nivea Cream works faster than many other creams as it uses more mineral oil over petroleum oil.

6. Neosalus emollient cream is an anti-inflammatory that will reduce the rash.

7. Aveeno makes an emollient cream for children that will also work on adults.

8. Eczemaderm is a natural cream that does not have steroids.

9. Wild rose handmade soap is an emollient soap that is made to reduce both acne and eczema.

10. Avene Professional Trixera Plus Selectiose Emollient Cleansing Gel moisturizes the skin while creating a barrier to prevent further outbreak.