Top 10 Female Tattoo Ideas

Female Tattoo Ideas

Ladies and mens tattoo ideas are often at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Design and color can vary immensely between genders with men often selecting darker hues like heavy blacks and reds and women selecting pastels and bright teals and pinks. The subject matter of the piece of art is often very different as well. If you’re having a tough time coming up with great female tattoo ideas, you might want to check out this list of tats. We’ve compiled great options that you can consider if uncertainty is clouding your decision making skills.

  • The Fairy: In recent years, the fairy has taken off as being an iconic symbol of toughness combined with grace and femininity. However, it’s also completely loathed by many a seasoned tattoo artist. If you have your heart set on this standby amongst female tattoo ideas, don’t let anyone sway your decision, but, you might want to consider having a back up arsenal of cover up tattoo ideas for when you’re all “tinked” out.
  • Flowers: Big, small, poofy or petalish, there is no end to the abundance of creativity you have at your disposal when considering a floral piece. Because of the immense diversity of flowering plants in nature, you can almost guarantee yourself a unique piece of art. You also have a lot of flexibility concerning positioning and size. All of these factors make the flower a great pick amongst first tattoo ideas as well!
  • The butterfly: Popular amongst couples looking for matching tattoo ideas, the butterfly’s perfect symmetry is an alluring detail for many but there is more to this gorgeous insect than meets the eye. A butterfly tattoo can be any number of colors or sizes and can later be easily incorporated into another design or background.
  • The dragonfly: If you like insects but think the butterfly is too girly, you may want to ponder on the increasingly popular dragonfly. When it comes to small tattoo ideas, the dragonfly is becoming hugely popular as it is perfectly suited to perch atop a shoulder blade or the top of the breast or even on the wrist, if you can handle the pain that is!
  • Angel Wings: If you are hunting for female tattoo ideas, you will almost definitely have stumbled upon angel wings. While most commonly tattooed as a set of sprawling wings arched across the upper back, angel wings can make an appearance on nearly any body part!
  • The Sun: It’s not that boys don’t like the sun, but with its curvy lines and heavy color, a sun or sunset is a common fixture on the lower back or belly of a lady. In fact, it’s quickly becoming more and more popular amongst female tattoo ideas. Depicting the sun is common amongst surfers for sure, but its sense of eternity and warmth are suitable for anyone!
  • Stars: They were big in the 80s and have nearly disappeared until recently, where wrists and ankles are more and more becoming adorned with these celestial bodies. In fact, if you’re considering foot tattoo ideas, a stardust spray or a colorful comet might be just the trick! Bands and wraps containing stars are popular as well!
  • Sealife: Dolphins and turtles along with many other ocean dwellers are popular fare amongst the fairer sex. Fishes such as Koi Fish in hues of teal and violet are also incredibly popular, particularly on larger areas of the body. Waves and intricate backgrounds can complete a sea-life scene!
  • Religious Symbols: Crosses and praying hands complete with rosary beads are common amongst both genders, but feminized versions of these dearly beloved objects are very common entries amongst female tattoo ideas. Because of their beauty and versatility, symbols of religious faith are popular ink choices.
  • Tribal: Many people only associate tribal tattoo ideas with men, but women are almost just as likely to don a piece of tribal art. Why is this? Location, location, location. Some of the most common areas for women to get tattooed are elongated portions of the body such as the lower back, shoulder blades and down the calves meaning that tribal art (which lends itself very well to length friendly areas) will continue to be a design frequently donned by women.