Top 10 Foot Tattoo Ideas

Foot Tattoo Ideas

Ah the foot tattoo. While normally reserved for the ladies, there is quite an element of toughness associated with getting inked on the foot. This tender location can make you cringe exponentially more than your garden variety bicep or back tattoo and while normal tattoo design ideas for this location are typically small and dainty, they can come with a pain packed experience for the recipient. Foot tattoo ideas are quite often girly and prissy; however there are many manly options for the tops of your feet. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 foot tattoo ideas that you may want to consider if adding a bit of artistry to your feet is in your future. Some of the tattoo ideas listed here are wild and crazy, others are delicate and divine, but all of them will make onlookers turn their heads every time you don a pair of sandals.

  • Flowers: If you’re completely stumped on what to have permanently affixed on your foot, you can always go with the old stand by and likely tops in popularity amongst foot tattoo ideas – flowers, or any variation thereof. Sometimes a long vine of colored petals wraps along the horizon of the foot, other times the art consists of a single, billowy blossom, but either way, floral works are a great way to incorporate loads of color onto a smallish palette.
  • Stars: These cosmic creations are making a huge comeback in the tattoo industry with many people adding a trail of sparkly stars or a cluster of celestial shapes on their feet. Stars are popular on many smaller body locations are frequent finger, toe, wrist, ankle and knuckle tattoo ideas because of their varying size and versatility.
  • Biomechanical: Ever wonder what the inside of your foot looks like? Or, think you have a pretty good guess? Biomechanical tattoos are created to show a hidden world that lies deep underneath your dermis and can be an accurate representation of the organic matter within, or it can also be enhanced with gears, machinery and even living beings. Because of the intricate bone structure of the foot, it’s a great place to experiment with unique tattoo ideas like biomechanical and organic biomechanical – if you can take the pain that is.
  • Wordage: Sometimes the body part that you choose for your artwork will lend itself better to certain types of designs and applications. The foot is no exception and one type of artwork that really works well on the foot are words, phrases, monograms and so forth. A phrase along the side of a foot can look streamlined and fluid and you can even consider marriage tattoo ideas such as a phrase that is shared between two feet that is complete when they are side by side.
  • Side by Side Symmetry: With minor exceptions, your two feet are likely pretty similar and they’re in the small percentage of body parts that you have that you can align side by side almost perfectly. This makes side by side designs great foot tattoo ideas because a symmetrical image will really come to life when your feet are squared up.
  • Things that Fly: Things with wings whether they be dragonflies, butterflies or others frequently appear on the tops, ankles and toes of feet. It may be because the wings adjust nicely to the curvaceous bends of the foot, or simply because they are popular subject matter in tattoos in general. Whatever the reason, airborne critters are mainstays in the tattoo community.
  • Ladybug: Why is the ladybug so popular on feet? Perhaps it’s all about the size. Many tattoos feature shrunken versions of larger images. For instance, you could never get a fully sized pony tattooed on you, and it certainly would be difficult to have a to-scale whale inked on your skin. But, a ladybug is tops amongst small tattoo ideas because it can be applied at exact size, or even larger!
  • Laces: A newcomer amongst foot tattoo ideas, the literal laces can certainly turn some heads! Tattooed to perfectly mimic a laced up pair of canvas high tops or other shoe, when done appropriately, your friends might have a hard time believing that you aren’t wearing shoes over your shoes!
  • Hearts: There may not be a lot of excitement or flair behind a heart shaped tattoo, but hearts have been near and dear to the tattoo world since nearly their inception. Whether adorned with the name of a loved one, a special date, or even just a simple design, hearts are a low detail image that really work well on the smaller available canvas that a foot can provide.
  • Perma-Jewelry: You have heard of perma-liner, what about permanent jewelry? Typically anklets and toe rings are the most common types of these foot tattoo ideas, but really the world is your oyster when it comes to adding a little luxe to your tootsies. If you wear it as jewelry, a skilled artist can replicate it in ink, so use your imagination!