Top 10 Laser Hair Removal Facts

Laser Hair Removal Facts

It’s okay to not know much about laser hair removal risks, costs, side effects and effectiveness; unless of course, you’re getting ready to shell out a bunch of money for it. If that’s the case then you can’t afford to not educate yourself on the many factors surrounding laser hair removal facts. You need to think about laser hair removal prices and expected results, and potentially damaging side effects. If you’re thinking about this procedure, start by checking out our list of the top 10 laser hair removal facts that you need to know.

1. Blonde or Grey? Then it must stay: The color in your hair is what attracts the razor, so the less color there is; the less likely it is that you will see results.

2. It’s Permanent-(ish)! Nothing provides guaranteed permanent laser hair removal. The best you can normally hope for is an 80% reduction in growth, although not everyone achieves that rate.

3. It’s totally safe, sort of: Sure, you don’t hear a lot of horror stories surrounding laser hair removal, but that that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t’ carry risk. Hyper-pigmentation, irritation, swelling and even burns have been reported.

4. Is there only one laser to rule them all? Nope. There are many different kinds, and each one is best suited for different people and hair types and colors. Consider this when contemplating on perspective locations for your procedure.

5. Lasers don’t burn your insides: Laser’s don’t work deep enough to have any effect on anything below skin deep.

6. It can hurt: While reportedly less painful that electrolysis, it can, and does hurt! This may depend on particularly which area you are having laser-ized as it’s likely that more sensitive areas like armpits will feel worse than your lower leg.

7. It’s not instant: Most everyone knows that it can take many repeated sessions before you start having hair-free zones, but one of the lesser known laser hair removal facts is that you will not be walking out of the clinic sporting a bald eagle. It can take up to 2 weeks to see any thinning of hair even from your first treatment.

8. Location, Location, Location: Location is everything when it comes to lasering away your fuzz, and it affects duration and price. For instance, hair on the face may be more stubborn than others, meaning more treatments will be necessary to achieve the desired look. That means more money out of your pocket. This means that if you’re planning for both bikini laser hair removal cost and facial hair removal, you may want to consider a bundle package on sessions.

9. Seriously, are you a Doctor? There are places, even in the US, where laser operators don’t have to be tested, licensed or doctors at all. Avoid these areas like the plague, and do your homework on specific clinics you are considering to ensure that everyone inside knows how to keep you safe during your treatments. This may be the most important of all laser hair removal facts.

10. It’s not just for hair removal: Lasers aren’t a one show pony, and the type used to remove the hair from your derriere can also be used to fix ingrown hairs and also some skin cysts!