Top 10 Most Common Skin Irritations

Skin Irritations

Day to day we encounter many things that can irritate our sensitive skin. While serving as our tough, outer protective layer, skin is subject to constant attack to environmental and medical stimuli, and oftentimes, it shows it’s aggravation in the form of one of many types of common skin irritations. There are an abundant amount of different types of rashes, welts and patches that can mar the surface of even the most rugged skin, and we’ve compiled a list of the top ten skin irritations that you might stumble upon regularly.

1. Rosacea: This common reddening of mostly the cheeks and nose that can also be accompanied by small pimples is much more predominant in people of European descent, however; it can be acquired by just about anyone. While there is still little that is known about these red areas of swelling and irritation that come and go, it’s thought that both genetics and environmental factors may play a role, and that the condition can be aggravated by various triggers like food and stress.

2. Ringworm: Of all the skin irritations that you don’t want to come across, ringworm likely tops your list. This fungal infection produces a red ring on the surface of the skin and this area of irritation grows as the fungal infection becomes more prolific. It’s contagious and can be spread around by skin to skin contact, so it’s best to keep your fungusy worms to yourself!

3. Allergies: Allergies can cause all sorts of skin aggravation and can cause Itchy skin no rash evident or hideously itchy hives. Foods that cause allergy or that caused from seasonal allergies such as pollen, or an unfortunate encounter with a kitty cat that your system just won’t tolerate can all be responsible for this type of common skin malady.

4. Heat rash: When you’re outside doing yard work on a hot day or exercising to your heart’s content, you may be putting yourself at risk for heat rash. Tight clothing or overdressing can cause a pimply like itchy neck rash or similar symptoms anywhere on the body. Thoroughly overdressed infants can experience baby heat rash on particularly hot or humid days.

5. Shingles: Of all of the skin irritations you may encounter, shingles is likely the only one that will come with pain. While most rashes are predominantly itch driven, shingles can manifest as a horribly painful rash with stabbing pains that radiate throughout the trunk and torso. The worst part of this most unfortunate of skin irritations is its longevity, as its course can run for weeks or even months.

6. Swimmer’s Itch: Spending too much time in a pool can leave you ready to scratch your skin off. While some people experience a chlorine rash simply as a reaction from the chemicals often found in pools and spas, others encounter swimmer’s itch from water-living parasites that position themselves in the top layer of your skin.

7. Drug Rash: Skin irritations that appear after starting a new medication can be serious as they may signal an allergic reaction, however there are some instances where a rash may appear while taking a medication that is simply a normal side effect of the drugs that you are taking. You should look for other signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction and be aware if the medication that you are taking lists rashes as a potential side effect.

8. Psoriasis: Typically, scaly and dry skin are the hallmark symptoms of this chronic condition however an itchy skin rash complete with inflammation is not uncommon. Usually occurring in periods or waves, psoriasis tends to come and go, wreaking havoc each time a flare of rapidly overgrowing skin rears its ugly head on your dermis.

9. Eczema: Skin irritations don’t get any more common than eczema. Characterized as more areas of inflammation that are often terribly itchy, eczema also comes and goes and can even disappear completely for periods at a time. Creams, lotions and home care can help relieve symptoms during a flare up.

10. Intertrigo: While most commonly appearing as rashes on legs, particularly the upper thighs, intertrigo is literally chafing your own skin. Commonly occurring in areas where your skin is rubbing other skin such as under the breasts and arms, between the legs and groin area, or even in areas of the abdomen where folds can bump and grind, Intertrigo is best alleviated with powders and other drying agents to eliminate moist, humid and friction filled areas.