Top 10 Most Popular Oily Skin Care Products

Oily Skin Care Products

If your oily skin has you more agitated than a hairless cat at a braiding contest, chances are you are ready to head to the store and do something about it. Don’t just head blindly to the drugstore however without reading this short list of some of the 10 Most Popular Oily Skin Care Products, and save yourself time and money!

1. AMBI COMPLEXION BAR: Just because you are down to your last couple bucks doesn’t mean you have to skimp on beauty. The Ambi Complexion Bar smells great, washes away oil but doesn’t strip your face. This bad boy runs about $1.99, leaving you plenty of money to stop further down the aisle and pick up some more items for oily skin care.

2. CETAPHIL GENTLE CLEANSING BAR: Why all the bars? Because, it’s best to keep it simple if you can. Most dermatologists agree that soap and water are the best oily skin solutions if you are only mildly to moderately oily. The Cetaphil bar is great for oily skin that is a little sensitive and it runs $4.49, leaving your purse moderately full as well.

3. CLINIQUE LIQUID FACIAL SOAP: Ah Clinique. Women have sworn by this brand since its inception in 1968, and it’s no wonder. Clinique’s line of combination, normal and oily skin solutions are just what the doctor ordered in almost any case. You can pick a bottle of your favorite ju ju for around $15 at your favorite department store counter.

4. NEUTROGENA OIL FREE ACNE WASH: When it comes to oily skin care products, Neutrogena wrote the book. Their oil free acne wash contains salicylic acid though, so you will need another milder cleanser for your other daily wash. A bottle of this will cost you around $6.00

5. LOREAL GO 360o CLEAN: For about $5, it even comes with a toy. Alright, it’s not a toy, it’s called a scrublet and it comes with your cleanser. The combination of gentle cleansing and scrubbing action clean thoroughly without drying.

6. OLAY DEFINITY PORE DEFINING SCRUB: Not including an Olay product on an oily skin care products list would be like not including Oprah on a list of influential women. Pick this item up because it’s perfect to use every day. Use sparingly though, because it’s going to run you about $15.

7. CLINIQUE CLARIFYING LOTION 3: Clinique hits the list again with a smoothing, clarifying lotion. It’s refreshing, but it doesn’t strip your skin, leaving your face supple, but clean. Those lovely adjectives are going to cost you though, because this lotion is around $20. While costly, it might be the best moisturizer for oily skin for the price.

8. ALMAY DAILY MOISTURIZER FOR OILY SKIN WITH SPF 15: Don’t buy it just because it says “for oily skin” in the title, buy it because it works great on oily skin. At around $4, this is one of the best moisturizing oily skin care products you can snatch up and don’t forget about the welcome addition of an SPF.

9. BURT’S BEES NATURAL ACNE SOLUTIONS DAILY MOISTURIZING LOTION: Take a natural approach with this non-comedogenic moisturizing lotion. A touch of witch hazel and lemongrass soothe the skin while it is gently infused with dewy goodness. The bottle will cost you about $18.00.

10. SMASHBOX PHOTO FINISH FOUNDATION PRIMER LIGHT: Smashbox makes possibly the best primer for oily skin by providing a product that is 60% water based and allows application before makeup. It increases makeup’s longevity, and reduces the appearance of pores. It absorbs oil continuously throughout the day giving you a clean, matte finish. This product runs at $36.00.

The most important thing when deciding on products for your face and skin care is to remember that everything works a little differently for everyone. You may find that one product works much better than another because of your specific skin type. However, once you find something that works for you, stick with it, consistency over time will improve the texture of your skin.