Top 10 Most Unique Tattoo Ideas of All Time

Unique Tattoo Ideas

Making the choice to get a tattoo will involve many decisions. You will need to not only explore tattoo ideas, but also consider size, location and color scheme, if any. Many people have their minds made up with regards what type of image they will forever display on their bodies; however other people may be looking for a little inspiration. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 unique tattoo ideas you might consider if you have decided you want a tattoo but are still unsure as to specifically what you want. So before you go under the needle, check out this compilation of tattoo design ideas that you might not have considered!

  • The Thumbprint: Yup, there is no better mark of individuality than your very own thumbprint, or, someone else’s if you are determined to display permanent affection. While not one of the first tattoo ideas that springs to mind for most people, the thumbprint is a simple and bold way to send a clear message of individualism.
  • The Injury: Finding a very skilled ink artist is critical in this relatively new and unique option amongst tattoo ideas for men. Whether stitches or gashes, gunshots or gaping wounds, these realistic artistic skin renovations are certain to turn heads.
  • The Power Button: Ever feel like a robot? Well you may not be the only one. The power button tattoo (or the similar battery pack tattoo) can give the impression that you’re an automated machine, and with enough attention to detail and realism, your friends might be fooled enough to see if it works. Watch out though, popular power button locations are found in some sensitive spots, such as the back of the neck, making this entry amongst unique tattoo ideas potentially more painful on the scream scale.
  • The Glow in the Dark: Pick any design you like and make it exponentially more unique with the latest and greatest offering from the inked community – glow in the dark ink. Make your tattoo come to life at night with an eerie green or purple glow. This luminescence can add a new spark to your unique tattoo ideas.
  • Biomechanical: Ever wish you could see right on through to your insides? Well, then a biomechanical tattoo is right for you. By combining basic anatomical features with heavy machinery and a few sprinkles of creativity, a sure handed artist can literally bring your insides to life!
  • Halfsies: If you’d rather not take the plunge and have your partners name forever etched on your body, you might consider sharing a piece of art with him or her. If you’re looking for unique tattoo ideas, it doesn’t get any more custom or distinctive than a tat that needs two to be whole. Often these designs incorporate the forearms or the side of the arm of both parties and can display a message that only complete when the two halves are combined, or a picture, design or scene that requires both people present to be whole.
  • The eye on the eyes: While a large and lash filled eye is a very common entry amongst female tattoo ideas, a level of individualism can be added if you have the stomach for it. The eye tattooed on the body in itself isn’t a shocking symbol, but when inked on the eyelids it becomes a truly eerie experience. Sleeping with your eyes open? Perhaps……
  • Sheet music: Music tattoo ideas are nothing new, and neither are a few scattered notes across the top of a foot or on a wrist. But, for the true musical genius, a tattoo consisting of actual and playable sheet music or a chord or two can express a deeper love and understanding of audible creation.
  • Eyes in the back of your head: Getting a tattoo anywhere NEAR your scalp is going to be painful and intense and is best reserved for the most seasoned of ink recipients. Having a pair of peepers tattooed into the back of your cranium will not only get some looks because it’s certainly fitting amongst unique tattoo ideas, you will also likely garner a few sideways glances based on your interesting approach to pain management.
  • The advertisement: It’s likely that you heard all about the guy that decided he was going to show his undying affection for Mitt Romney by getting a tattoo of the infamous campaign logo right on his noggin, but actually advertisement ink is nothing new. In fact, restaurants and other businesses have often offered discounts or free stuff (in some cases even a lifetime of free stuff) to people willing to be a permanent, walking commercial.