Top 10 Oily Face Control Tips

Oily Face

Getting your oily face under control may seem like a daunting task, but by using some tips from the list below which includes product ideas, home remedies for oily faces, and day to day lifestyle techniques, you can quickly, easily, and inexpensively achieve healthy, glowing (but not too much!) skin.

1. Use a gentle cleanser twice a day. You don’t even necessarily have to buy face wash for oily skin. Something that is gentle and cleans things works just fine. Washing in the morning removes build up collected overnight, and washing in the evening removes the yuck of the day. Washing too much though can be problematic and cause your sebaceous glands to think you need more oil which will only compound your issue.

2. There is an abundance of products that are made for people experiencing an oily face. Make up is no exception. Look for products that are oil-free or water based and choose them in your cosmetic line up.

3. Toners and acids are great allies if you need that little something extra to control the gelatinous coating on your cranium container. Look for toners that use witch hazel as they are typically gentler.

4. For a once a week boost, use a mask to clean, rejuvenate and revitalize your greasy mug.

5. There might not be a way for you to sneak a quick face wash in on your lunch break, but if you keep some blotting papers handy, you can do quick touch ups on your oily forehead throughout the day as needed. They are a great way to quickly remove embarrassing shine.

6. Many people with oily skin elect to not use a moisturizer for fear that they will add to the Vaseline symphony occurring on their migraine factories. Having oily skin does not mean that your skin does not need moisture. When your skin is dry, your glands hop into hyper-drive to overcompensate thereby creating even oilier skin. The best moisturizer for oily skin is one that is gentle, light, and clean feeling upon application.

7. Nobody wants to have an oily face, but certainly nobody wants to have an oily, wrinkly face. Wearing sunscreen is not optional for people with gooey complexions, and it will only lead to later skin damage. Wear an SPF separately if there is not already one in your moisturizer.

8. Foundation is actually not a requirement, if you can get away with sticking to pressed powder as your primary tool over coverage, go for it. Powder gives you a matte look all day.

9. Your hands are dirty. Your cell phone is dirty. Your pillowcase is dirty. These things are like oil re-applicators and are going to do so throughout the day. Stop touching your face, and clean your cell phone. Also, change your pillowcase often. This will moderately decrease the amount of facial butter being transferred back to your face.

10. Talk to your dermatologist and ask for suggestions that are specific to YOUR skin type. Everyone is different and depending on the severity of your particular situation, he or she may have other tips and tricks that will benefit you more or differently than others.

Managing an oily face can be difficult and frustrating. By remembering a few simple tips and making smart product decisions you can keep your skin looking strong, supple, and flawless all day long.