Top 10 Oily Hair Remedies

Oily Hair Remedies

There are a lot of different strategies for dealing with your oily hair. Some rely on science, and some come from nature. Below is an interesting mix of both, including some tips and tricks, ensuring that no matter which way you approach your sebum nest, you will be able to get it under control.

1. Fuller’s Earth Clay: Ideal as one of the top oily skin care products available, Fuller’s Earth Clay works great on oily hair too. Add about 3 tablespoons to water to make a paste and apply to your scalp and hair. Wear this mixture for about 15 minutes before finding and dusting off your shower cap and covering for another 30-40 minutes. Rinse it off with plain cold water, and be sure to massage a little while rinsing, it can get a little tingly.

2. Vinegar (White or Malt): This may not be one of the best oily hair remedies to whip out on date night due to the, um, aroma. But, it is effective nonetheless. Vinegar has long been known to be an excellent treater of oily hair. If using white vinegar, mix a cup with a half a cup of water. Apply to scalp and allow it to dry naturally before rinsing with cold, clean water. If you have some left over malt vinegar from fish and chips night, you can use that too. Add a cup of malt vinegar to half a cup of water with a pinch of salt. Leave your fish dip on for 15 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

3. All Natural Shampoo: If you’re not into using fruit (it’s coming, just wait) or condiments on your oily hair, how about some all-natural shampoo? An all natural product is the best shampoo for oily hair because it lacks the silicones that increase gooey build up on your scalp.

4. MMMM Tomato, slop: It sounds gross, but mashing a tomato into a pulp and blending the juice with Fuller’s Earth can greatly reduce oil when applied to the scalp and rested for 30 minutes. What are you going to do while you wait half an hour? Make spaghetti sauce, duh.

5. Lemon-icious: Since you are stuck in the pantry anyways, grab a lemon. Cut that lemon in half (pull out the seeds) and rub it on your buttery scalp. Leave it alone for 45-60 minutes, and rinse off with cold, clean water.

6. I’m in a hurry: Don’t have 45-60 minutes? Of course not. You have to go to the grocery store because you are now out of tomatoes, vinegar, lemons, shampoo and baking soda if you are following this list. When you just want a regular, every day shampoo for quick washing, find a product that is PH balanced. Balancing your PH levels balances oil production as well.

7. Baking Powder? No, SODA! Make your standard I-Got-Stung-By-A-Bee paste with 3 tablespoons baking soda and water and massage on your scalp for 5-7 minutes. Leave it on for 15 minutes after incorporation to reduce the appearance of oily hair.

8. Do it again! Don’t just wash once in the shower. If you miss a spot while cleaning a mirror, you might miss a spot removing the bacon grease from your cranium. Repeat your wash in the shower; you’ll snatch anything you missed the first time.

9. Wash Everyday: Oily hair is stubborn; it comes back with a vengeance sometimes in less than 24 hours. If you are cursed with oily hair, vigilant daily washing will most likely be necessary to combat your oleo nightmare.

10. Don’t skimp on the softness, but read the bottle: A lot of people skip conditioner if they have oily hair fearing that the conditioner will only make matters worse. This is not necessary. Just as there are lotions for people looking for oily skin solutions, there are conditioners for people with oily hair too. Read the label, and find a product tailored to your hair type.

All of the above remedies are provided to show that there are many options for treating oily hair including everyday and professional hair products, home remedies, and daily routine components designed to lessen the build up and unmanageability of oily hair. Using one or more of them either alone or with each other can reduce or eliminate your hair care woes.