Top 10 Oily Skin Remedies

Oily Skin Remedies

Oily skin is something you are born with. Though oils produced by sebaceous glands help keep skin moisturized, elastic and resistant to the environmental factors, excessive production of sebum (skin oils) leads to breakouts, enlarged pores and blackheads. Learning how to care for this particular skin type and knowing what oily skin remedies to use will greatly improve the condition of your skin. Drinking plenty of filtered water and eating a sensible diet will even further benefit the health of your oily skin.

1. The Right Cleanser

One of the top oily skin remedies is using the right cleanser since washing skin with harsh soaps will strip skin of oils and trigger even more oil secretion. Choosing a cleanser for oily skin with salicylic acid or botanical extracts like lavender, rosemary and tea tree oil will also provide antibacterial effect for acne prone skin.

2. Astringents and Toners

Astringents and toners are frequently used for problem areas, such as an oily forehead or T-zone. Make certain that the toners are not alcohol based. This ingredient can further irritate problem skin and may cause even more breakouts. Instead, opt for alcohol free toners enriched with essential oils and botanical ingredients like aloe vera, tea tree oil and lavender.

3. The Right Moisturizers

Some people with oily skin shy away from any moisturizers claiming that their skin already produces loads of oil. However, skipping it may lead to dull and thirsty skin. The best moisturizer for oily skin is feather light oil free solution that supplies skin with moisture without clogging it with heavy oils and waxes.

4. Facial Masks

Applying certain facial masks designed to soak up any extra oil can significantly mattify skin and improve its appearance. The products can be purchased over the counter or made at home. Clay or mud facial masks used for centuries to cut through the grease and provide additional antibacterial benefits.

5. Retin A Oily Skin Remedies

Retin A is being used more frequently as one of the top oily skin remedies. This ingredient can improve the health of your skin and help reduce the amount of oil that your glands produce.

6. Laser Treatments

Laser treatments can help limit oil production and minimize any acne scarring that you have at the same time.

7. Prescription Medications

There are medications which can be prescribed as oily skin remedies if the problem becomes severe. These include Accutane and many others, but these drugs do carry some risks that can be serious.

8. Alpha Hydroxy Acid Products

Daily products which contain AHAs can help eliminate excessive oil production on a temporary basis, although this is not a permanent solution. A glycolic acid peel can do the same thing but with deeper and longer lasting results.

9. Exfoliation

Exfoliation if it’s performed correctly can unclog pores, remove dead skin cells build up and bring out beautiful dewy skin. Using facial scrubs that are too harsh will bring unnecessary irritation to acne prone skin. Choosing products with micro beads will gently loosen debris without scratching the surface. Preparing exfoliation oily skin remedies at home using honey, oatmeal and baking soda is a safe and natural way to care for your skin.

10. Blotting Tissues

One of the best short term oily skin solutions is using blotting tissues throughout the day. These soak up excess oil thus reducing bacteria thriving flora and help your skin appear fresher without taking off any make up.