Top 10 Remedies For Hives

Remedies For Hives

The medical term for hives is chronic idiopathic urticaria. The reasons of chronic hives are hard to pin point and many doctors think that urticaria is the result of the person’s own immune system triggering the reaction. First and second generation anti-histamines are the prescribed hives treatment for adults, to reduce inflammation and itchiness. Anti-histamines block the action of a chemical substance called histamine which causes the skin allergic reaction.
The following are the top 10 remedies for hives:

1. One of the best remedies for hives is prevention. Most people have certain triggers such as a food substance, a chemical in the household items like bed linens, detergents, dust and other allergens like pollen. In people with chronic urticaria, emotional distress and stress can also be the triggers. Finding out what the trigger is and avoiding it serves as a great remedy.

2. Environmental factors like cold can cause hives. Cold induced urticaria can be reduced by avoiding cold or taking anti-histamine medication before the cold exposure.

3. Take natural vitamin D supplements or spend some time in good old sunlight to produce your own vitamin D. According to a research study, deficiency in D vitamin increased the risk of allergic reactions and hives in toddlers.

4. Avoid alcoholic beverages and processed food as both are high in histamine and can cause allergic reactions in people with intolerance to ingested histamine.

5. Avoid smoking, and consuming caffeine containing products like coffees and teas as caffeine can increase the inflammation.

6. Consume plenty of citrus fruits and vegetables that are high vitamin C which is natural anti-histamine.

7. Quercetin, a flavonoid and anti-histamine is found in onions, leafy greens and citrus fruits like kiwi, apples and pears.

8. Your body also produces histamine when it senses you are dehydrated. Therefore it’s important to consume plenty of water, at least the recommended intake of 1-2 liters/day.

9. Herbal remedies for hives are great in reducing the inflammation. According to a research study, a water extract of chamomile, caraway, cardamom, saffron, anise, fennel, licorice, and black seed inhibited the release of histamine by 81-85% when compared to that of quercetin which is about 95%.

10. Consume mangosteen, a super fruit which has been used as a cure for allergies in indigenous Thai medicine for centuries.

There are number of natural remedies for hives that you can implement to find relief. If your condition does not improve, you should consult an immunologist who will prescribe the right treatment for you.