Top 10 Removing Warts Procedures

Removing Warts

Take a look at the top 10 procedures for removing warts and discuss with your doctor which one might be right for you. Depending on what type of warts you have, you might require different methods of wart removal.

1. Duct tape is one of the most effective home remedies for wart removal. A small piece of duct tape is cut to match the area slightly larger than your flat warts or plantar warts and applied for approximate a week. After one week you can briefly remove the old piece of duct tape, scrub some debris and dead skin away and quickly replace duct tape with a new piece. Supposedly, duct tape triggers your immune system response and additionally contributes to wart degeneration.

2. Various salicylic acid warts treatments are other very effective methods for removing warts. You can choose from many over the counter wart removal products at your local pharmacy or ask your doctor which one he recommends for your type of warts.

3. Cryotherapy for removing warts is carried out by applying liquid nitrogen over warts that causes a controlled freeze burn. This method could be very painful and you may require multiple sessions for removing warts.

4. Cantharidin method for removing warts uses a toxic chemical that works very similarly to salicylic acid and should be applied to affected area and covered with a bandage for approximately one day.

5. Electrosurgery for removing warts uses a controlled electric current to zap any existing warts. This surgical procedure is effective, however, should only used in areas where scarring will not be a problem like the bottom of the feet or legs.

6. Bleomycin injections are injections of an antibacterial drug that is very often used in anti cancer therapy. Bleomycin is injected into the warts and causes warts’ DNA molecules to be destroyed leading to a black blister that eventually falls off.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar is sometimes used to wart removal purposes. Its acid content works by irritating the wart leading to its eventual removal. This method may take longer to work compared to other methods but it’s nonetheless effective.

8. Once applied, Aldara ointment causes a strong immune system response in the affected area leading to eventual wart destruction. Aldara’s additional properties involve HPV virus replication prevention.

9. Wart laser surgery is a great alternative to invasive and painful traditional surgical wart removal, however, it’s quite expensive and should only be chosen if all other methods have proven to be ineffective. Laser wart removal is suitable for virtually any wart type, including filiform warts.

10. Surgical way to remove warts is used when all other ways to remove warts have failed. This method is more invasive and takes more time to recover. There’s also a chance for you develop an infection and post surgery bleeding.