Top 10 Rosacea Remedies

Rosacea Remedies

Affecting almost fourteen million of Americans, rosacea is a skin condition caused by inflammation. It leads to “butterfly” redness on the cheeks, nose and chin, red bumps, burning sensation, enlarged blood vessels and, in later stages, thickening of the skin on the face. Today doctors can not provide answers what causes this skin disease in the first place and all rosacea remedies are focused on lessening the severity of symptoms and and the number of flare ups.

From topical creams, oral medications and diet, there are many rosacea remedies to try.

1. Rosacea Diet

This diet eliminates foods which can trigger a flare up of rosacea, while including foods which naturally help fight inflammation and promote excellent skin health. This diet includes at least 10-12 glasses of water each day as well.

2. Antibiotics

One of the top rosacea remedies if the skin shows any signs of infection or extensive inflammation is an antibiotic. There are several of these drugs that work well at minimizing rosacea symptoms and clearing up the skin.

3. Oral Steroids

In severe cases of rosacea, oral steroids are frequently given for a short period. These drugs speed up the healing process and help to temporarily lessen your rosacea. They should only be used for a short time though, and only when prescribed by your doctor.

4. Anti Hypertensive Drugs

One of the top rosacea remedies for some individuals is a short term regimen of oral medications to lower blood pressure. These medications can eliminate flushing which causes redness, and may help clear the skin as well.

5. Herbs & Natural Supplements

There is a number of herbs which can be applied to the skin or ingested internally that have been shown to help this condition. These include probiotics to normalize gut flora, zinc and vitamins B,C to promote stronger immunity and grapeseed oil extract to fight inflammation according to

6. Rosacea Laser Treatment

Laser treatments can greatly improve rosacea symptoms, and cause this condition to recur less often. It is one of the top rosacea remedies recommended by most dermatologists.

7. ZenMed

ZenMed is one of the OTC online rosacea remedies, and it is a top ten treatment because of the results that this product offers. Almost everyone who used it saw a marked improvement in their rosacea in just a short time.

8. Finacea

This drug is one of the most prescribed rosacea treatments, because the cream contains azelain acid eliminating the bumps, redness, and pimples which this condition causes. But be aware of it’s side effects, especially during pregnancy.

9. Stress Management

One of the top alternative rosacea remedies used because stress is known to worsen inflammation in the body leading to flare ups of various health conditions, including rosacea. From regular low impact exercise, to meditation and hypnotherapy, these techniques have been proven to keep rosacea in check combined with appropriate treatment.

10. Sulfur Creams

Sold under various names, sulfur containing topical medications can address redness and inflammation and other rosacea symptoms. Sulfur might cause an allergic reaction in some people, so test on a small area first before applying to the face.

To learn more about possible ways to address this conditions, refer to some of the other articles on the site and link offered by with its comprehensive rosacea guide.