Top 10 Severe Sunburn Treatment Options

Severe Sunburn

Sunburn can be caused due to many reasons, overexposure to UV radiation from sunlight or artificial tanning being the predominant one. For mild cases of sunburn, home and herbal remedies can be very effective, but for severe sunburn or sun poisoning with complications like large sunburn blisters, skin burning and infections, often medical attention becomes important.

Some of the sun poisoning symptoms include fever, nausea, dehydration, chills, rapid heart beat, dizziness and shock. PMLE (polymorphus light eruption) can be a symptom of severe sunburn characterized by the formation of red bumps, hives or dense clumps on the skin that is exposed to the sun.

In studies, traditional sun damaged skin treatment prescription medications did not show any conclusive results in skin recovery or reversal of damage and hence they are aimed at reducing the symptoms.

Here are the top 10 severe sunburn treat options:

1. Drugs like ibuprofen are often prescribed that can help reduce pain and inflammation.

2. Topical treatments like cool compresses and the use of prescription moisturizers are often suggested.

3. Oral steroid type medications might be prescribed for severe sunburn. But these drugs have unpleasant side effects like allergic reactions. Steroid creams are shown to have some benefits in curbing the symptoms.

4. Topical anesthetics can help with pain and redness symptoms. However, very little clinical data is available for these medications.

5. Hydration is a critical treatment. In severe cases, fluids will be administered intravenously.

6. According to emedicine, Silver sulfadiazine (1% cream) can be used on the face for second degree sunburn and severe burns, with appropriate precautions.

7. Herbal remedies, application of aloe gels and serums in particular is often suggested that can help with the irritation and pain.

8. Nutritional therapy with appropriate vitamin supplementation can help with the skin recovery.

9. Home remedies like the application of vinegar or sour cream to the affected area can be very effective in easing the symptoms.

10. Other alternative treatments that are available, can also aid in the skin repair and rejuvenation.