Top 10 Small Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Small Tattoo Ideas

You may have many reasons for wanting a small or very small tattoo. In some cases, location demands something with more compact dimensions as is the case for people looking for inner lip tattoo ideas. In other cases, it’s all about the pain – the smaller the tattoo, the less the length of time you will have to endure the needle’s wrath for. Yet others prefer perusing small tattoo ideas simply because they want something easy to cover and hide when appropriate to do so. No matter why you are electing mini sized art, there are a ton of unique tattoo ideas available to you. Size constraints don’t have to limit the imaginative potential of your art, and there are all sorts of great small tattoo ideas for girls. To get started, you can check out our list of the top 10 options for this artwork type!

  • Tribal: Looking for cover up tattoo ideas that aren’t going to require a large area? You can’t get any simpler than tribal. While most people think of this tattoo type as a large and intrusive type of art, it actually can be as large or small as the canvas wants it to be, and because there is zero detail, size simply does not matter. If you’re looking to give an old tattoo the boot, consider a creative tribal pattern.
  • Flower: There are few situations where a flower is not an appropriate tattoo. This is because of how incredibly versatile they are, how much color they can bring to a relatively small space, and how well they stand up to body changes and aging. Smaller flowers will of course lack the detail of a large and blossoming petal heavy beauty, but even a pint sized version will add color and spark to your skin’s surface.
  • Butterfly: One of the first things girls think of when considering small tattoo ideas is the butterfly. Because the level of detail involved can be altered based on size, space and design, an opportunity for individuality exists in almost every fluttering creation.
  • Words: Depending on how much you want to say, words, phrases, names and initials can make great options for a petite ink job or even a good choice if you’re looking for matching tattoo ideas. Beware though, ink is permanent and if you decide to swap skin real estate with your significant other, be prepared for a permanent memento in the event that things go sour (or, you can refer to #1 – cover up ideas.)
  • Bugs: The ladybug, dragonfly, spider and many more dot the landscape of many artistically enhanced bodies. Perhaps it is the allure of a life sized object or, the appeal of something beautiful yet potentially sinister. Either way, these crawling critters remain top picks amongst small tattoo ideas.
  • Religious Symbols: Faith is important to many families and if yours is no exception, you may want to consider a proclamation of your religion via body art. Crosses, rosaries, praying hands and more are common tat options. Religion is also very popular in family tattoo ideas where each member may have a similar design or a particular piece of a religious verse that is shared by the whole crew.
  • Peace Sign: The seventies called – and they want their tattoo back. Alright, not really. Peace has never gone out of style and given the peace sign’s ease at pulling off black and white, omitting the need for a painful coloring session and its positive and uplifting message, giving peace a chance is certainly appealing to girls looking for small tattoo ideas.
  • Feather: As organic and natural fads make what seems like the umpteenth resurgence in society, so have tattoo ideas such as natural and whole symbols like trees and feathers. The feather, which features enough detail to look like it has depth, but not enough to make a small tattoo look hideously messy, has become popular on just about every body part.
  • Ribbons and Bows: Supporting a cause? It’s a popular trend amongst girls who are willing to purchase every pink-lidded yogurt they come across and stock up on overpriced rubber support ribbons by the handful. If you’re really a hard core advocate for a cause, consider a permanent reminder of your support with a symbol of your cause activism, an up and coming trend amongst small tattoo ideas.
  • Silhouettes: You can’t make a small tattoo that is chock full of detail look good. You are more likely to end up with a smudgy blob than anything that can be described as art. However, if you are looking for a big design in a small package, then consider the silhouette. It’s kind of the work around for packing a big idea onto a tiny space.