Top 10 Sun Damaged Skin Treatment Products

Sun Damaged Skin Treatment

Some of the symptoms of immediate sun damage on the skin are blisters, burns and even swelling of the skin. However, long term sun damage symptoms that appear over time like wrinkles, age spots and keratosis or development of red bumps on skin are much harder to treat. Sun damaged skin treatment includes the use of oral prescription medications, over-the counter medications, sun damaged skin treatment products and cosmetic procedures.

Research shows that sun damaged skin treatment products that contain natural vitamins and moisturizers, work best for the skin as they are safer, containing no harmful ingredients. Apart from the use of skin care products, home remedies for sunburn can also be quite effective in treating sun damaged skin.

Here are the top 10 sun damaged skin treatment products :

1. BIOSkinCare cream is made of natural ingredients, one of the main active ingredients being a complex natural compound that is derived from snail’s cells. According to the research study listed on their website, the compound has multiple functions such as re-generating skin, dissolving damaged cells, anti-oxidant properties, re-building collagen and elasticity.

2. BIO Skin Rejuvenation cream is designed for dissolving blemishes and age spots caused by multiple reasons, sun damage including one of the reasons. This product also contains the snail’s serum complex.

3. Dermal Em Sunburn Relief contains Emu oil, menthol, aloe and vitamin E. It can soothe the sunburn itch, reduce peeling, and moisturize the skin. Overall a superior product for treating sun burn!

4. Obagi Professional-C serum contains concentrated vitamin C based serums, which repair sun damaged skin while protecting the healthy skin from free radical damage.

5. Reduce your wrinkles with Green Tea face cream, which contains a potent skin care compound Argireline, shown to be very effective in firming the skin.

6. Obagi Nu-Derm Blender reduces age spots, sun pots, redness, discoloration along with other multiple benefits.

7. Dermal HA face serum contains cucumber extract, aloe and a powerful moisturizer hyaluronic acid.

8. Idebenone Antioxidant cream is rich in anti-oxidants and prevents pre-mature aging, which is a characteristic of sun damaged skin.

9. According to a research studies, Vivida natural supplement and cream are proven to be very effective in treating sun-damaged skin.

10. Topical retinoid creams are also shown to very effective in healing sun damaged skin and improve sun related pre-mature aging.