Top 10 Tattoo Ideas For Men

Tattoo Ideas For Men

While almost all tattoo ideas can be fitting for a man or a woman, there are certainly some images, color schemes and interpretations that are more fitting as mens tattoo ideas. Darker shades and larger images are the hallmarks of the more masculine ink job and we’ve compiled at list of the most popular top 10 tattoo ideas for men for you to consider if you’re having a hard time determining what you would like to have permanently affixed to your dermis. So, before you go under the gun, check out our compilation of the top 10 tattoo ideas for men you might want to try!

  • The Skull: Many different visualizations of the ideal skull exist, but most are shadowy and dark portrayals of the skeletal foundations of our noggins. Skulls can be black and white, bleeding or decorated, but regardless of the bearer’s and artist’s design, skulls are a super manly way to enhance your body.
  • The Dragon: One of the first tattoo ideas that pops into many people’s minds, the dragon remains a consistently popular tattoo design for all ages and genders; but, the dragon itself tends to take on a more powerful and thoughtful meaning to men. This symbol of strength and character can majestically adorn the back, chest, shoulders, arms or legs, wrapping itself around to serve as both protection and a warning.
  • Tribal: Although waning in popularity following what can nearly be described as a “craze,” tribal still remains a topper amongst tattoo ideas for men. Because of its tremendous versatility, simplistic and yet eye pleasing design and the precise nature in which it can be applied, tribal tattoo ideas are still crossing the front desks of many a tattoo parlor.
  • Mythical Creatures and Gods: Norse Gods and axe-wielding protagonists are definite must haves on the list of tattoo ideas for men. Whether a loved character from childhood or a mythological symbol of adult perseverance, these powerful images are often used to reflect on the strength and abilities of the recipient and often have sentimental value along with making for a really wicked looking piece of work.
  • Zombies and Monsters: Blood, guts, gore and pain are the characteristic components of these dark and dastardly pieces of art. Pops of color and bold outlines can create scary scenes and images on a fleshy canvas that will surely draw questions and admiration.
  • Japanese Art: Popular amongst people looking for half sleeve tattoo ideas or even full sleeves, Japanese style art which includes Japanese dragons, Fu Dogs, Koi and Samurai Warriors for example, is incredibly popular because of its unique look, style and use of color. Focusing on primary shades and bold details, Japanese art is an ancient tradition that is still wildly popular.
  • Pin Up Girls: The end of the first and second World Wars did not mean the end of the Pin Up Girl. While some people still opt for the classic Marilyn Monroe style figure with the porcelain face and decades old garb, modern takes on the Pin Up Girl have included leather jackets, stilettos and a figure befitting runway models. It’s easy to see how these tattoo ideas for men have remained popular throughout so many decades.
  • Powerful Animals: Jaguars, lions, eagles and wolves are some examples of consistently common picks for the burlier gender. Because of the fierce look that many of these predatory creatures possess, they can be an intimidating looking work of art.
  • Flames and fire: Is there a manlier display of power and ferocity than a hot and raging burning fire? Well, apparently not many because burning objects and backgrounds are everywhere, and the tattoo world is no exception. Flames can be exceptionally and artfully crafted to add dimension and depth to images and objects, and their bright colors and high contrast can really add some pop either as a main design idea or a supporting role in many other options for tattoo ideas for men.
  • Portraits: Given the overwhelming sensitivity associated with portraits, it’s surprising that they are more of a fixture on men than on women. But, whether it is a profile of mom or a primary school portrait of a child, portraits remain the most manly, yet sentimental, option for a truly personalized tattoo. This style is also popular in matching tattoo ideas where people swap skin real estate to have each other’s portraits permanently applied.