Top 5 Candida Infection Symptoms Not To Miss!

Candida Infection Symptoms

While there is some debate in the medical community about the effects that a candida overgrowth can have on the body, there are some candida infection symptoms that you might not be aware of, or worse, can be writing off as everyday commonalities or things that are not necessarily unusual to you. Of course, obvious symptoms such as a candida skin rash are tell tale signs that something is amiss, but did you know that it’s been suggested that symptoms you may experience everyday might signal an overgrowth of fungus that could potentially be wreaking havoc on your body? We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 candida infection symptoms that you should be aware of that you might be seriously overlooking!

  • Fungus on the Brain: Are you feeling cranky and confused? Experiencing unexplained headaches and even having memory troubles? Perhaps you are experiencing some mental effects that have been associated with candida infection symptoms. Sexual problems, often as a result of decreased mental function, have also been attributed in some cases to a candida infection.
  • Tummy Troubles: Digestive ails are not uncommon in people who have an abundance of this common fungus. Frequent complaints include a craving for sweets and junk food, a beer belly, acid reflux, bloating and gas and even rectal itching. While the rectal itching might be abundantly noticeable (you have far greater problems if you’re just ignoring this one) the others might be attributed to many common causes. But, don’t overlook these hallmark symptoms; you might want to consider curbing sugars on a candidiasis diet!
  • Shroomy Skin: Are you a haven for nail and skin fungi? Do you frequently experience fungal infections of the nail beds? Well, you could have a yeast skin infection in addition to your fungal fun. Frequent infections of the mini shroom variety are common candida infection symptoms. Other skin maladies such as eczema and psoriasis may also be tied to too much candida.
  • Infection Connection: While an abundance of infections may seem normal to someone who simply “gets sick all the time” or “catches everything” there may be an invisible underlying cause at work. If you’re prone to bladder infections, sinus infections and repeated cases of the common cold, you could be missing important candida infection symptoms.
  • Bodily Blunders: Generalized ailments can exist that affect your entire body. Fatigue muscle and joint pain or conditions like fibromyalgia have all been suggested to be candida symptoms. Additionally, excessive sweating and temperature intolerance also may be connected.

While experiencing any of these symptoms may have you seeking immediate candidiasis treatment, it’s incredibly important to remember that many of these symptoms can be attributed to medical conditions that require treatment. It’s absolutely essential that you do not forego medical care for potential health concerns for candida. Ignoring health signals that your body is sending can delay important treatment that can adversely affect your health. If you are concerned about any symptoms that you are experiencing or, have questions about how candida might be affecting you, it’s important to speak to your health care provider.