Top 5 Dry Skin Around Mouth Causes

Dry Skin Around Mouth

There are certain things that we notice about people when they’re in our faces. A huge zit, for instance will draw the eyes of an onlooker in an instant. Spitting when you speak can be equally off putting to your co-conversationalist. Some people have another of these social stymies in that they are plagued with dry skin around mouth areas. Especially when talking to others, or dining with others, having dry skin around mouth areas can be a real bother, and an embarrassment. Sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint the causes of dry skin around mouth areas, and so treatment after treatment seems unsuccessful. If you’re struggling to find the cause of your dry skin around mouth areas, start with our list of top 5 causes that might be able to at least point you in the right direction, making treatment easier and more victorious so that you know if you need to see a doctor of if you can solve your problem with some pantry items and home remedies for dry skin.

1. Dehydration: If your insides are dry, what makes you think that your outsides are going to be moist and supple temples of liquidy goodness? No! The packaging matches the gift and your dehydrated skin could be giving you a clue that you’re not drinking enough water. Don’t try homemade masks for dry skin to battle dehydration either; drinking big, tall glasses of H2O is the remedy for this common problem.

2. Old-ness: Aging can cause the corners and outsides of the mouth to become dry. Use a good moisturizer to combat this if you suspect that age is playing a part in your dry drama.

3. Fluoride Allergy: Consider your toothpaste and opt for a fluoride free version. It’s worth a shot, especially if you haven’t been able to pinpoint another cause.

4. Dry Chapped Lips: Cold weather causes the drying and cracking of our kissers, and that dryness sometimes extends to the outsides of the lip area.

5. Angular Cheilitis: If your dry skin symptoms are exclusive to just the corners of the mouth, you may have angular cheilitis, which is a condition caused from deficiencies in nutrition, diabetes or even poorly fitting dentures. The condition involves the cracking and sometimes bleeding of the corners of the mouth and can lead to yeast infections inside your mouth.