Top 5 Foods That Cause Cellulite

Foods That Cause Cellulite

Before you switch to a wheatgrass juice and carrot diet for getting rid of cellulite, remember that 80 percent of women have cellulite. More than likely, even if you are of a normal weight, your thighs will one day resemble a freshly graveled driveway or a pillowtop mattress. That being said, certain foods can certainly add fat to the body, and since cellulite is fat that is unevenly rippled below the skin’s surface, reducing your intake of foods that can further exaggerate this ruffled lard will keep your skin smoother for longer.

1. Salad dressing: that’s right ladies, salad – the preferred food of dieters everywhere – has an ugly side. The dressing that is lathered on top. Salad dressing tops the list of foods that cause cellulite because the majority of them are essentially liquid fat and they are notoriously associated with one of our favorite health foods.

2. Some dairy products: Many dairy products contain saturated fat. A nasty compound that your body almost refuses to do anything with. Leave dairy products behind that contain saturated fat including milk, cheeses and cream, and opt instead for low fat dairy products.

3. Sugar: You knew a list of foods that cause cellulite would include donuts. Well, donuts and anything else full of the blissful granules we know as sugar. Sweets and snacks containing sugar are going to help turn your swimsuit legs into cellulite on thighs quickly, so avoid sugar where and when you can.

4. Salt and salty foods: Salt gets blamed for so much these days, and you can thank it for a few of your thigh dimples too. Salt can help to increase the appearance of cellulite, so grab some herbs and spices or dust off the pepper grinder instead. Of all the foods that cause cellulite, salt is a tough one to avoid. It appears in so many of the products we consume every day. Make sure to check the labels on what you are buying. Reducing your salt intake reduction is beneficial to the body in many other ways too.

5. Beverages: Yup, we’re going to ruin those for you too. While they’re not foods, they’re on the list of foods that cause cellulite because let’s face it, we’re drinking something all the time, and many drinks that keep up hydrated all day can help add ripples to our outer layer. Coffee, sugary soft drinks and alcohol are all offenders, so reduce your intake of all of them as much as possible.

Changes in diet can be somewhat effective in combating one of your skin’s most unattractive features. If you’re trying to figure out how to get rid of cellulite naturally, switch to organics. Some studies suggest that pesticides and chemicals sprayed on food also contribute to cellulite production. Combining a healthy diet with exercising is one of the only methods to smooth the skin when it starts to look like a dinged hardboiled egg, so watch what you eat and go for a jog to look and feel great and help create your own cellulite solution.