Top 5 Natural Acne Treatment Recipes

Natural Acne Treatment

Natural acne treatments listed below are fantastic alternatives to harsh and at times expensive over the counter acne treatments that might additionally irritate the skin and bring little to no relief. If you have mild to moderate types of acne, natural acne treatments will work wonders and help you manage this annoying skin ailment with ease. However, if you have severe cystic acne that is notorious for leaving you with deep scars, consulting your dermatologist before starting any acne treatment is a must.

1. Olive oil for acne is a well known natural acne treatment that helps moisturize your skin and speed up healing. Olive oil could be used alone or in combination with other antibacterial oils like tea tree, lavender or clover oil as a sure way to get rid of your acne. Over the counter acne lotions or treatments strip your acne prone skin from natural oils triggering heavy skin oil production that can lead to even more acne. Olive oil can restore skin’s moisture. Massage a small amount of olive oil on your face, neck, chest or back once or twice daily for best results.

2. Green Tea is not only a great detoxifier if taken inside but the best acne cleanser if used topically. Brew a strong solution of green tea and wash face without any soap 2-3 times daily with a cotton pad. You can additionally place any leftover green tea in ice cube trays and freeze. Dab all over face and neck in the morning as a great skin refresher that will also tighten your pores.

3. Almond Skin Scrub. No natural acne treatment is complete without a great natural face scrub. Forget those harsh store bought face scrubs that can only scratch your acne prone skin and do more damage than good and prepare an excellent acne scrub at home. Pulse a handful of raw whole almonds in a coffee grinder until a coarse meal if formed. Mix a few tablespoons with a natural Aloe Vera gel to form a paste. Scrub your face immediately for best results. This acne scrub is so gentle, you can use it daily.

4. Lavender holds a myriad of skin benefits including a strong antibacterial acne fighting agent. Prepare a lavender skin compress by steeping a handful of dry lavender flower leaves in a cup of hot water and cool it to room temperature. Soak a piece of cheese cloth enough to cover your entire face threefold. Apply to your face for a relaxing and great smelling face compress that will also help you get rid of acne.

5. Clover Oil is the best natural acne treatment that is more suitable as a spot treatment. Rub a small amount of oil on acne affected areas once daily to reduce acne inflammation and contribute to skin healing.

When you have acne, looking at your skincare in general will help you find the best solutions for your acne prone skin. Choose face washes, shampoos and moisturizers specially marked for people with acne prone skin. In addition, finding makeup for acne prone skin will help you avoid clogging pores that trigger acne in the first place.