Top 5 Sunburn Blisters On Face Treatments

Sunburn Blisters

While minor sunburn symptoms are skin redness and pain, severe sunburn skin symptoms include sunburn blisters, skin burns, sunburn rash, infection and dehydration. Untreated sunburn with prolonged exposure, can sometimes lead to shock or even death, from poor circulation to the vital organs.

Sunburn blisters can range from being fine blistering, seen during sunburn peeling condition (when you begin to peel the skin) to being large water filled blisters with raw and tender skin beneath.

Here are top 5 sunburn blisters treatments for the face :

1. Applying cool compresses and taking cool (not ice cold) baths. Both help with the pain and irritation.

2. Taking pain medication. According to eMedicineHealth, ibuprofen and aspirin can be taken to reduce pain and inflammation, especially during the early stages.

3. Applying moisturizers. Doctors will advise you not to apply heavy oils on the blisters. Light, water-based and fragrance-free sunscreen moisturizer should be applied after taking cool baths.

4. Aloe gels. Herbal remedies, aloe based serums and gels in particular can sooth the irritation on the skin and aid in healing.

5. Hydration. This is perhaps the most important treatment of the five. Drink a lot of water and fluids rich in anti-oxidants like green tea, to keep yourself hydrated for faster skin healing.

Never burst the blisters as it can lead to infections and other severe skin conditions. Many sun damaged skin treatment creams are available on the market for different types of sunburns. Consider looking into buying a product made with natural ingredients and designed for your sunburn blisters.

Avoid exposure to the sun as this can aggravate the symptoms or already sensitive skin. Apart from staying cool and providing hydration, consume alkaline diets, consisting of vegetables and fruits that provide vitamins and minerals, which will help in your speedy recovery.

Seek medical help if the blistering is severe as Doctors can prescribe medical treatments appropriate for your symptoms.