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Best Toner For Acne – Which One To Choose?

Toner For Acne

For people with acne, adding yet another product to what can already seem like an overwhelming skin care routine can seem like a bad idea, but incorporating a toner can be just the ticket if you are plagued with frequent pimples. Toner works by removing makeup residue, balancing PH and removing oil.

Best Toner For Oily Skin – Top 10 Products!

Best Toner For Oily Skin

Toner has come a long way, from being a dirty word to most dermatologists to a standard part of most beauty regimens. The once overly drying and harsh topicals have been replaced by mostly alcohol free, rejuvenating facial essentials. Oily skin in particular gains a substantial amount of benefits from toning products

Best Skin Toner – Top 5 Brands Experts Recommend!

Best Skin Toner

Until recently, many skincare experts shunned the idea of applying alcohol based toners to the skin, citing that the drying effects did more damage than they did good. However, toners have come a long way, and their ability to balance PH levels without drying out your skin has made everyone including experts take notice.

Best Organic Skin Toner – Top 5 Choices!

Organic Skin Toner

Toners are an important part of any beauty regimen. They remove excess oil, balance PH levels to defend against bacteria, and can reduce the appearance of pores with exfoliating properties.

Organic Makeup – 10 Best Products To Use!

Organic Makeup

Organics are flooding our grocery and drug stores and you can now find organic products in everything from spaghetti sauce to underwear (really, you can – go google).

Stiletto Mascara Review

Stiletto Mascara

When we think of the word stiletto, we think of sleek, sexy, long and luxurious. We think of glittery heels and champagne glasses. Arguably, the best Maybelline mascara on the market currently

Water Based Mascara For Eyelash Extensions

Water Based Mascara

Most people don’t require mascara while wearing eyelash extensions. The extensions themselves actually create the look of thick, full and luxurious eye valences.

Best Curling Mascara For Straight Lashes

Best Curling Mascara

I will admit it. I have the most awful eyelashes ever. No matter how glowing my blue eyes might be on any given day, they are admittedly framed by bushy eyebrows and the lashes of a preteen boy.

Permanent Mascara – What Doctors Are Saying About It?

Permanent Mascara

Doctors rarely dabble in the affairs of cosmetic treatments beyond those who rely on plastic surgery for their livelihood of course. But in the case of eye cosmetics

Bat Guano Mascara: Myths and Facts!

Bat Guano Mascara

When word came out about Starbucks using crushed bugs to create the pink color in many of its beverages, the news went viral, outraging everyone from music playing hipsters to frazzled business women.